IDS - July 2023

IDS turned 20 on July 1st !


Several IDS representatives will be present at the IUGG in Berlin from July 11 to 19.
Here is a list of presentations:

IUGG23-4437: The International DORIS Service after 20 years: Achievements and Look to the Future
F. Lemoine1, G. Moreaux2, P. Stepanek3, H. Capdeville4, M. Otten5, D. Dettmering6, L. Soudarin2, J. Saunier7, E. Schrama8, A. Sellé9, P. Ferrage9.


IUGG23-4682: The DORIS evaluation of the DTRF2020, ITRF2020 and JTRF2020 realizations
F. Lemoine1, G. Moreaux2, N. Zelensky3, A. Couhert4, J. Moyard4, H. Capdeville2, B. Beckley5.


IUGG23-1085: DORIS NRT data for validating and combining GNSS-based ionospheric maps
N. Wang1, D. Dettmering2, Z. Li1, M. Schmidt2, A. Liu1.


G01p-202: Is the processing of DORIS measurements affected by multicollinearity effects?
S. Nahmani1, 2, A. Pollet1, 2, P. Rebischung1, 2.


IUGG23-3967: CNES/CLS products for the Reference system & frame
S. Loyer1, G. Moreaux1, A. Banois-Garcia1, H. Capdeville1, J.M. Lemoine2, F. Reinquin2, A. Mezerette1, E. Saquet1, G. Katsigianni1.


IUGG23-3426: On DORIS Precise orbit and reference frame determination based on the ITRF2020 using multiple altimetry satellite missions
A. Reinhold1, 2, P. Schreiner1, K.H. Neumayer1.


IUGG23-2023: DORIS-based Precise Orbit Determination and its geodetic applications
V. Kumar1, O. Dikshit1, B. Nagarajan1.


JG03p-268: Combining GNSS and DORIS for improved ZPD estimates
X. Papanikolaou1, D. Anastasiou1, V. Zacharis1, V. Krey1, M. Tsakiri1.
1National Technical University of Athens, School of Rural Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering, Athens, Greece.


DPOD2020 version 1.2 available at CDDIS and IGN data centers (see dorismail 1357)

DPOD2020 version 1.3 available at CDDIS and IGN data centers (see dorismail 1359)