Analysis Centers

ESA - ESA/ESOC, Germany
point of contact: Michiel Otten

GOP - Geodetic Observatory of Pecny, Czech Republic
point of contact: Petr Stepanek

GRG (formerly LCA) - CNES/CLS, France
point of contact: Hugues CapdevilleJean-Michel Lemoine

point of contact: Frank Lemoine

IGN - IGN/IPGP, France
point of contact: Pascal Willis

INA - INASAN, Russia
point of contact: Sergey Kuzin

 Up to 2012:

GAU - Geoscience Australia, Australia (with support of GSFC)
point of contact: Ramesh Govind, Frank Lemoine


Associated Analysis Centers

GFZ, Germany
point of contact: Rolf Koenig

CNES/POD, France
point of contact: Alexandre Couhert

TU Delft, Netherlands
point of contact: Ernst Shrama


Other associated groups:

SSALTO, France
point of contact: 

University College London, UK
point of contact: Marek Ziebart

DGFI/TUM, Germany
point of contact: Denise Dettmering

point of contact: John Ries

IAA, Russia
point of contact: Eleonora Yagudina

NCL - University of Newcastle, UK
point of contact: Philip Moore