See the page IDS data structure and formats for information about file naming conventions and data centers structure.

Data and products are mainly stored at IDS Data Centers, CDDIS and IGN (alternate link), and on the ftp site of IDS Central Bureau

Data table

datalatencysample intervalarchive locationsformatmissions
preprocessed data 3-4 weeks 7 or 10 days CDDIS / IGN (alt.) DORIS 1.0 (before January 2002), DORIS 2.1DORIS 2.2 (since June 2008) cs2, en1, h2a, ja1, ja2,sp2, sp3, sp4, sp5, srl, top
raw data 2 days 1 day CDDIS / IGN (alt.) RINEX/DORIS cs2, h2a, ja2, ja3, srl, s3a, s3b
SAA-corrected data quaterly 7 or 10 days CDDIS / IGN (alt.) DORIS 2.2 ja1, sp5
quaternions 1 day ~1 month < 1 min 30 s CDDIS / IGN (alt.) TU Delft cnes tudelft ja1, ja2, ja3, cs2
mass history 1 day - 1 month (*) (*) IDS CB mass all missions
maneuvers 1 day - 1 month (*) (*) IDS CB man all missions
attitude 1 day (*) IDS CB att en1, ja1, ja2, ja3, top

(*) according to the mission


Product table

productscontentlatencysample intervalarchive locationsformatprovidermissions
station coordinates time series of station coordinates differences quaterly 1 week CDDIS / IGN (alt.) stcd IDS CC, ACs combination
orbits orbit ephemerides 3-4 weeks 1 min CDDIS / IGN (alt.) sp3c ssa (official orbits), ACs all satellites
geocenter motion TRF origin solution occasionally 1 week CDDIS / IGN (alt.) geoc ACs combination
Earth Orientation Parameters polar motion occasionally 1 day CDDIS / IGN (alt.) eop ACs combination
ionosphere ionospheric corrections week 10 s CDDIS / IGN (alt.) iono ssa en1, ja1, sp2, sp4, sp5, top
reference frame station coordinates and velocities solution yearly global CDDIS / IGN (alt.) sinex CC combination
SINEX series of station coordinate solutions quaterly 1 week CDDIS / IGN (alt.) sinex IDS CC, ACs combination
DPOD coordinates and velocities of the DORIS stations (extension of the ITRF for Precise Orbit Determination) six-monthly global CDDIS / IGN (alt.) sinex; txt IDS CC combination
SINEX master file codes, DOMES and geographic positions of all the DORIS stations, type and eccentricity of the antennas six-monthly global IDS CB sinex IDS CC -