The International DORIS Service (IDS) workshop was held on September 25-26, 2012 in Venice-Lido, Italy. The purpose of this workshop was to review the progress in the DORIS technique and provides perspectives for the contributions of DORIS to the Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS). The IDS workshop was organized in conjunction with:

  • The exceptional symposium on "20 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry", 23-29 September 2012
  • The Ocean Surface Topography Science Team meeting (OSTST), 26-28 September 2012
  • The 4th Argo Science workshop, 26-29 September 2012.

The posters of the OSTST meeting are available on AVISO web site


Participants to the workshop included five IDS Analysis Centers (of 8 total), IDS Combination Center representatives, many people involved in the DORIS system management, and other scientific groups interested in the DORIS data/products. We were pleased to welcome some new users and potential partners with promising results and perspectives. The discussions identified possible improvements of IDS solutions in line with the DORIS system, and important actions for preparing the IDS submission for inclusion in the next ITRF realization (ITRF2013).  


Main topics discussed included the following:

1- Since DGXX and DORIS data are now available in RINEX format, there is an increased interest in the DORIS data to study the ionosphere;

2- An onboard DORIS receiver (DIRGO) is under consideration at the ARL / University of Texas (USA) to observe the ionosphere;

3- Discussions are underway between NASA participants and CNES & IGN to conduct studies on DORIS/VLBI2010 signal interference at Greenbelt/GGAO site;

4- Progress in the estimation of the EOP parameters has been achieved with DORIS, thanks to the contribution of the new receiver DGXX (on board Jason2, Cryosat2, HY2A);

5- Calibration of DORIS / STAREC antennas in anachoeic chambers suggests the need to apply a STAREC antenna phase center model that may have possible impact on future IDS solutions;

6- IDS Analysis Centers are actively preparing their contribution for the next ITRF (2013) realization.


The IDS event was also a platform for discussion and coordination of future activities within the Analysis Working (see the page of the AWG meeting, Sept. 26, 2012) and Governing Board meetings.


The presentations of the IDS Workshop can be found hereafter. All the abstracts can be found in the abstract book: IDS Workshop 2012 abstract book


Oral and Poster presentations

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Session 1 – IDS and DORIS system news                             

Chairpersons: Pascal Willis (IGN/IPGP), Pascale Ferrage (CNES)              

International DORIS Service: Current status and perspectives   P. Willis (IGN/IPGP)

 PDF slides

DORIS system developments and Future Missions         A. Auriol (CNES)

PDF slides

DORIS network 2012 status report          J. Saunier (IGN)

PDF slides

DORIS on HY-2A               M. Dejus (CNES)

PDF slides

DORIS ground antennas Radio Frequency characterization         C.Tourain(CNES)

PDF slides

DORIS/DIODE on board Pleiades PHR1A : results and lessons learned  C. Jayles (CNES)

PDF slides

From Jason2 to Jason3 : DIODE enhancements J.P. Chauveau (AKKA)

PDF slides


Session 2 – Posters

DORIS: a permanent evolving space technique for geophysical research activities          P. Ferrage (CNES)

PDF slides

Polar motion and its accuracy analysis monitored by DORIS technique  X. Wang (SAO)   CANCELED

Combination of space techniques at the normal equation level               D. Gambis (OP)

PDF slides

Comparison of Earth radiation pressure models for DORIS satellites      C. Rodriguez-Solano (IAPG)

PDF slides

DORIS measurement exploitation for ionosphere studies          C. Tourain (CNES)

PDF slides

On the proper use of the EIGEN-6 models for altimetric orbit computation over decades           R. Biancale (GRGS)

PDF slides


Session 3 – Geodesy and Precise Orbit Determination 

Chairpersons: Michiel Otten (ESA/ESOC), Laurent Soudarin (CLS)          

Improved DORIS Reference Frame Solutions from NASA GSFC                F. Lemoine (NASA/GFSC)  CANCELED

Update of the SAA corrective model for Jason-1 DORIS data and discussion about a SAA corrective model for Spot5    H. Capdeville (CLS)

PDF slides

Evaluation of Atmospheric Loading and Improved Troposphere Modelling        N. Zelensky (GFSC/SGT)

PDF slides

A review of some systematic errors observed in the Precision Orbit Determination of recent Doris satellites   L. Cerri (CNES)

PDF slides

An accuracy assessment of DORIS orbits: Jason2             R. Govind (GAU)  CANCELED


Session 4 – Multiple applications, Geophysics

Chairpersons: Cedric Tourain (CNES), Nikita Zelenski (GSFC/SGT)          

Overview of DORIS Frequency Permits, RFI Issues Worldwide  P. Ferrage (CNES)

PDF slides

Colocation considerations and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Mitigation Techniques         L. Hilliard (NASA/GSFC)

PDF slides

Tropospheric parameters from DORIS in comparison to other techniques during CONT campaigns        J. Boehm (Wien UT)

PDF slides

Contributions of DORIS to ionosphere modeling            D. Dettmering (GDFI)

PDF slides

Ionospheric Radio Scintillations and TEC Using the CITRIS Reception of DORIS Transmissions     P. Bernhardt (NRL)  CANCELED

DORIS Observations from Future LEO Constellations Space Geodesy Project (SGP)       D. Rainwater (ARL:UT)

PDF slides


Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Session 5 – IDS Analysis activity

Chairpersons: Sergey Kuzin (INASAN), Guilhem Moreaux (CLS)              

Research activities at the IDS Combination Center          G. Moreaux (CLS)

PDF slides

Current research activities at GOP DORIS analysis center            P. Stepanek (VUGTK)

PDF slides   Presented by C. Rodriguez-Solano (IAPG)

Recent improvements in DORIS processing at ESOC       M. Otten (ESA/ESOC)

PDF slides

Comparaison of station coordinates, estimated by DORIS and Glonass measurements for collocated sites        S. Kuzin (INASSAN)

PDF slides

DORIS positioning : performance assessment from the last data processing at CNES/CLS Analysis Center           L. Soudarin (CLS)

PDF slides

Implementation and use of the DORIS RINEX phase measurement in the GINS software           J.M. Lemoine (GRGS)

PDF slides



Analysis Working Group meeting - 26 September 2012

IDS Governing Board meeting - 26 September 2012



IDS scientific committee:

  • Frank Lemoine (NASA/GSFC, USA) -chair-
  • Pascale Ferrage (CNES, France)
  • Michiel Otten (ESA/ESOC, Germany)
  • Laurent Soudarin (CLS, France)
  • John Ries (University of Texas/CSR, USA)
  • Pascal Willis (IGN+IPGP, France)