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DORIS system, present and future

- A. Auriol: Current trends in the DORIS system
- H. Fagard: Network 2004 review: evolution, maintenance, colocations
- R. Dassing: DORIS at Fundamentalstation Wettzell. Status report
- R. Govind, J.-J. Valette: The Sorsdal and Lambert campaigns: organisational aspects and first results
- G. Tavernier et al.: The IDS today and tomorrow

Operational issues: DORIS data, information and products

- C. Noll, E. Gaulué: IDS Data Center Update [Abstract]
- J.P. Berthias: Evolution of the contents of the DORIS data files
- L. Soudarin et al.: The Central Bureau information system [Abstract]
- M. Feissel-Vernier: The Analysis Coordination information website [Abstract]

DORIS orbits, ionospheric parameters

- M. Parrot, F. Li: On the TEC determination from the ionospheric DORIS products [Abstract]
- F.G. Lemoine, S.B. Luthcke, N.P. Zelensky, R. Govind: Gravity Model Comparisons and Orbit Determination Analyses with DORIS data [Abstract]
- E. Doornbos, P. Willis: Analysis of DORIS residuals from multiple satellites and POD centers [Abstract]
- M. Otten: Performance monitoring of Envisat DORIS doppler data and orbit solution [Abstract]
- M. Feissel-Vernier, L. Soudarin. GRACE 2003 analysis campaign preliminary ephemeris comparisons [Abstract]

Analysis strategies

- P. Willis, J.-F. Crétaux: DORIS Data Analysis Strategies. - Presentation [Abstract]
- P. Stepanek, U. Hugentobler: Implementation of DORIS data analysis into the Bernese GPS software [Abstract]
- E. I. Yagudina: The status of the processing of DORIS observations in IAA RAS
- L. Soudarin, J.-F. Crétaux: Recent DORIS analysis at LEGOS/CLS analysis center [Abstract]
- P. Willis, Y. Bar-Sever, S. Desai: DORIS data processing at the IGN/JPL Analysis Center [Abstract]
- J. Ries: Jason-1 orbit determination with DORIS and SLR: An alternative approach for accommodating the SAA effect [Abstract]
- J.-M. Lemoine, H. Capdeville: Analysis of DORIS frequency on-board Jason
- L. Soudarin, H. Capdeville, R. Biancale: Modeling the DORIS tropospheric corrections with the help of ECMWF models [Abstract]
- D. Coulot al.: Combination of space geodetic techniques for monitoring the kinematics of the Earth. GRGS' project [Abstract]

Reference Frame and combination issues

- Z. Altamimi: Challenges and achievements in combining terrestrial reference frames
- B. Meisel, D. Angermann, M. Krügel: Comparison and combination of Doris data with other space techniques [Abstract]
- C. Bizouard: DORIS EOP series as viewed by the IERS Earth Orientation Center
- J.-J. Valette, M. Feissel-Vernier: IDS analysis campaigns: present status. 2002 campaign and Grace campaign (11/2003) [Abstract]
- K. Le Bail: Long term stability of DORIS and GPS station coordinates. Some examples. [Abstract]
- M. Feissel-Vernier, J.-J. Valette: Validating time series of TRFs via their Helmert parameters [Abstract]
See also Geodetic and geophysical use of geocenter time series


- X. Chavet, J.-J. Valette, M. Feissel-Vernier: Analysis of geocenter time series derived from SLR, GPS and DORIS [Abstract]
- M. Feissel-Vernier: The station events file [Abstract]
- M. Feissel-Vernier, K. Le Bail: Search for changes in the STJB station behaviour, a case study [Abstract]
- K. Le Bail, M. Feissel-Vernier Study of the time stability of global parameters Comparison between GPS and DORIS terrestrial reference frames [Abstract]
- S.K. Tatevian, S.P. Kuzin Geocenter variations derived from 10 years of GPS and Doris data [Abstract]

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