Contribution to ITRF2020

The IDS 16 series is the DORIS contribution to the 2020 realization of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame.

It provides weekly positions of the DORIS stations and daily Earth Orientation Parameters

This series of 1456 weekly SINEX files contains positions of 201 DORIS stations located at 87 DORIS sites from 1993.0 to 2021.0. The series is the combination of ESA 13 (ESA/ESOC), GOP 67 (Geodetic Observatory Pecny) , GRG 43 (CNES/CLS) and GSC 51 (NASA/GSFC) DORIS multi-satellite solutions processed for the realization of the ITRF2020 according to the IDS standards.


DOI and Metadata

This product is referenced with a DOI: 10.24400/312072/i01-2021.001

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Product access

The product (zipped SINEX files idsyydddwd16.snx.Z*) can be freely downloaded at the CDDIS HTTPS server or via the non authenticated IGN FTP site (the FTP protocol may not be supported by your browser, the alternative is to use a FTP client such as WinSCP, FileZilla, MobaXterm ). 

*naming convention



If you use the data, please cite: "The IDS 16 series was produced by the IDS Combination Center (DOI: 10.24400/312072/i01-2021.001)"



For any technical issues or additional information related to the IDS 16 series, users are advised to contact the Combination Center



The work of the Combination Center is supported by CNES.



Moreaux, G.; Lemoine, F.G.; Capdeville, H.; Otten, M.; Štěpánek, P.; Saunier, J.; Ferrage, P., 2022. The international DORIS service contribution to ITRF2020, ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2022.07.012 OPEN ACCESS