Latest update of the list:  2020.12.18


Name Organization Country IDS component Contribution to IDS or activities relying on DORIS data and products
Abbondanza Claudio JPL USA Governing Board member IERS component
Altamimi Zuheir IGN France AWG IERS component
Amos Matt Land Information New Zealand New Zealand Host agency  
Aoyama Yuichi National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) Japan Host agency  
Appleby Graham Head of NERC Space Geodesy Facility UK Host agency  
Barriot Jean-Pierre University of French Polynesia France Host agency  
Bar-Sever Yoaz JPL USA   development of future GRASP missions and/or instruments that carry GNSS+DORIS
Beall Jennifer Emergent Space Tech, Inc USA Analysis Center gsc  
Belli Alexandre NASA GSFC / NPP USA AWG  
Berton Elise CLS France Satellite (Control Centers)  
Bizouard Christian Paris Observatory France AWG IDS retreat; IERS component
Bloßfeld Mathis DGFI/TUM Germany Associate Analysis Center dgfi, AWG IERS component
Botha Roelof South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) South Africa Host agency  
Boy Jean-Paul EOST France AWG  
Brown Nicholas Geoscience Australia Australia Host agency  
Capdeville Hugues CLS France Governing Board member; Analysis Center lca; AWG  
Carman Randall Geoscience Australia Australia Host agency  
Chinn Doug NASA USA Analysis Center gsc  
Choi Kevin National Geodetic Survey USA Former Host Agency  
Collilieux Xavier IGN France AWG  
Corda Claude CLS France Satellite (Control Centers)  
Couhert Alexandre CNES France Satellite (Control Centers); Associate Analysis Center cnes, AWG  
Courde Clément Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur France Host agency (Grasse)  
Dawson John Geodesy and Seismic Monitoring Group, Geoscience Australia Australia Host agency  
DeMets Chuck University of Wisconsin USA former station selection committee  
Desai Shailen JPL USA   Mission contact (Jason-2 -3)
Dettmering Denise DGFI/TUM Germany Governing Board member; chair WG NRT data  
Di Marco David IGN France Network  
Enderle Werner ESA Germany Analysis Center esa  
Exertier Pierre Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur France   Mission contact (T2L2); IDS retreat
Fagard Herve Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy France former Governing Board member; former Network  
Fancher Kendall NOAA/NGS USA   Network contact (USA)
Fazilova Dilbar Department of Geodynamics of Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences Uzbekistan Host agency  
Féménias Pierre ESA Italy   Mission contact (Sentinel-3A, -3B)
Fernandez Sanchez Jaime GMV Spain AWG Copernicus POD QWG
Ferrage Pascale CNES France Central Bureau; Governing Board member; AWG  
Filler Vratislav Pecny Observatory Czech Republic Analysis Center gop; AWG  
Fleury Dominique IPEV France Host agency  
Flohrer Claudia BKG Germany former Analysis Center esa,  AWG  
Galetzka John NOAA/NGS USA   Network contact (USA)
Garayt Bruno IGN France former Governing Board member, Network, Data Center IGN   
Gatchalian Ronaldo Geodesy & Geophysics Division, Mapping & Geodesy Department, NAMRIA Philippines Host agency  
Gauthier Christophe CLS France Satellite (Control Centers)  
Gobinddass Marie-Line University of the French West Indies and Guiana France AWG  
Govind Ramesh Space Geodesy Analysis Centre Australia former Analysis Center gau, AWG  
Grey Stuart University of Strathclyde UK AWG  
Guinle Thierry CNES France Satellite (Control Centers)  
Haines Bruce JPL USA former station selection committee  
Heinkelmann Robert GFZ Germany   IERS combination
Hidalgo Rommel University of Guam USA Host agency  
Hippenstiel Ryan NOAA/NGS USA   Network contact (USA)
Hoffman Evan NASA GSFC USA Host agency  
Hormaechea Jose Luis Estacion Astronomica Rio Grande Argentina Host agency  
Ipatov Alexander Badary Radio Astronomical Observatory, Institute of Applied Astronomy Russia Host agency  
Izurieta Arturo Charles Darwin Foundation Ecuador Host agency  
Jalludin Mohamed CERD Djibouti Host agency  
Jamet Olivier IGN France Network  
Jayles Christian CNES France Satellite (Control Centers)  
King Matt University of Tasmania Australia Former Host Agency  
Klügel Thomas BKG Germany Host agency  
Koenig Rolf GFZ Germany Associated Analysis Center gfz; AWG  
Koppang Frode Kartverket Norway Host agency  
Kostelecky Jan Czech Technical University in Prague Czech Republic Analysis Center gop  
Kowalski Philippe Observatoire volcanologique du Piton de la Fournaise France Host agency  
Kristinsson Gunnar H. LMI Iceland Host agency  
Kuzin Sergey INASAN Russia Analysis Center ina, AWG, Host agency  
Larson Kristine Aerospace Engineering Sciences University of Colorado USA former station selection committee  
LeBail Karine Chalmers University of Technology Sweden former Analysis Center gsc, AWG  
Lemoine Frank NASA USA Governing Board member, Analysis Center gsc, AWG; former Analysis Coordinator  
Lemoine Jean-Michel CNES France former Governing Board member; Analysis Center lca, AWG  
Limbacher Rebecca NASA USA Data Center cddis  
Luzum Brian USNO USA Governing Board member  
Madsen Finn Bo Technical University of Denmark Denmark Host agency  
Mambert Pascal CLS France Satellite (Control Centers)  
Mandea Mioara CNES France Satellite (Control Centers)  
Manfredi Cécile CNES France Satellite (Control Centers)  
Marques Rui Universidade dos Açores Portugal Host agency  
Mercier Flavien CNES France Satellite (Control Centers), AWG  
Mertikas Stelios Technical University of Crete Greece Host agency  
Mezerette Adrien CLS France Analysis Center lca  
Michael Patrick NASA USA Governing Board member; Data Center cddis  
Moore Phil Newcastle University UK Analysis Center ncl (formerly intended), AWG  
Moreaux Guilhem CLS France Combination Center, AWG, Governing Board member  
Muaz Abdulla Maldives Meteorological Service Maldives Host Agency  
Nahmani Samuel IGN France Analysis Center IGN  
Noll Carey NASA USA Data Center cddis, former Governing Board member  
Noomen Ron TU Delft The Netherlands former Governing Board member  
Otten Michiel ESA Germany Analysis Center esa, AWG; former Governing Board member  
Panko Vasilii Institute of Engineering Physics and Radio Electronics, Siberian Federal University Russia Host agency  
Paparoditis Nicolas IGN France Network  
Pearlman Mike Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Cambridge MA USA former WG on Terms of Reference  
Person Thierry IGN France Network  
Peter Heike PosiTim Germany AWG Copernicus POD QWG
Podesta Ricardo Universidad Nacional de San Juan Argentina Host agency  
Poli Paul SHOM France   IDS retreat
Pollet Arnaud IGN France Analysis Center IGN  
Poretti Giorgio University of Trieste Italy Host agency  
Poutanen Markku Finnish Geodetic Institute Finland Host agency  
Richard Jean-Yves Paris Observatory France AWG  
Ries John CSR USA Governing Board  
Ruddick Ryan Geoscience Australia Australia Host agency  
Rudenko Sergei DGFI-TUM Germany Associate Analysis Center dgfi, AWG  
Saballos Armando Direccion de Geologia y Geofisica, INETER Nicaragua Host agency  
Saunier Jerome IGN France Network, Central Bureau, Governing Board member, AWG  
Schmidt Michael DGFI-TUM Germany WG NRT data  
Schrama Ernst TU Delft The Netherlands Governing Board member; Associate Analysis Center tu delft, AWG  
Schreiner Patrick GFZ Germany Associated Analysis Center gfz  
Schüler Torben Geodetic Observatory Wettzell Germany Host agency  
Sibthorpe Ant JPL USA AWG  
Soudarin Laurent CLS France Central Bureau, Governing Board member, AWG, former Analysis Center lca  
Stepanek Petr Pecny Observatory Czech Republic Governing Board member; Analysis Center gop, AWG  
Tavernier Gilles CNES France former Governing Board member  
Thaller Daniela BKG Germany   IERS CB
Tsakiri Maria NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) Greece Host agency  
Vinals Dominique CLS France Satellite (Control Centers)  
Vuilleumier Pierrik ESA The Netherlands   Mission contact (Sentinel-6)
Wei Feng Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences China AWG  
Williams Simon Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory UK former station selection committee  
Willis Pascal IPGP (retired) France former Governing Board member, Central Bureau, Analysis Center IGN, AWG  
Woodworth Philip National Oceanography Centre UK Host agency  
Xu Changhui Institute of Geodesy and Geodynamics, Chinese Academy of Surveying & Mapping China   Network contact (China)
Yagudina Eleonora I. Institute of Applied Astronomy of Russian Academy of Sciences Russia Analysis Center ias (formerly intended)  
Yanyachi Pablo Raul Universidad Nacional de San Agustin Peru Host agency  
Yaya Philippe CLS France AWG  
Zakrajsek Andrés Instituto Antártico Argentino Argentina Host agency  
Zelensky Nikita NASA/SGT USA Analysis Center gsc, AWG  
Ziebart Marek University College London UK former Governing Board member; AWG  
Zishen Li CAS China WG NRT data