This page contains all links to the pages where the documentation provided by the IDS is stored.
They are grouped into four categories.


Categories: DORIS system components | IDS information system | Publications, presentations | Documents

IDS data structure and formats
  • What kind of information on what center?
  • File naming conventions
  • Data Centers structure
  • Formats
Data and products
Mails (information about the mailing lists)

IDS Newsletters
List of DORIS publications in international peer-reviewed journals
Presentations at IDS meetings (presentations at IDS Workshops and Analysis Working Group meetings only)
IDS-related presentations (presentations about the Service given in international assemblies)
DORIS-related presentations (other presentations and on-line publications related to all aspects of DORIS)

Documents for the data analysis
About the DORIS/RINEX format 
Documents of the Analysis Coordination (minutes of AWG meetings, recommendations, position papers)
Documents of the Governing Board