Organizing Committee: J.-P. Berthias, M. Feissel-Vernier (chair), J. Ries, J.-J. Valette, P. Willis.

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DORIS project. Network monitoring, station history

DORIS, present and future
G. Tavernier (CNES).
PDF slides (720 Kb)

The DORIS network: status report on renovation and colocations
H. Fagard (IGN).
PPT slides (1.47 Mb)

Discussion: DORIS project's life, the analysts point of view. Moderator: J.-F. Crétaux

Data: contents, distribution

Trends in DORIS data formats
J.P. Berthias (CNES).
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Archive and distribution of DORIS data and products in support of the IDS
C. Noll (GSFC), E. Gaulué (IGN).
PDF slides (10.1 Mb) - [Abstract]

Discussion: data contents, formats... Moderator: P. Willis

Analysis strategies

Contribution of the new satellites to the positioning performances
L. Soudarin (CLS), J.F. Crétaux (LEGOS), J.J. Valette (CLS).
PDF slides (370 Kb) - [Abstract]

DORIS time series elaboration with the GOA software: Summary of station related problems (1993-2002).
P. Willis (IGN), Y. Bar-Sever (JPL).
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DORIS analysis at CSR.
J.C. Ries, M.K. Cheng (CSR).
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Problems in determining the geocenter motion
J.F. Crétaux (LEGOS).

DORIS/JASON data, what is happening in the South Atlantic Anomaly region?
P. Willis (IGN), B. Haines, Y. Bar-Sever, L. Young (JPL).
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Poster discussion

Orbits, ionospheric sounding

Multitechnique comparison of Jason 1 orbits
M. Otten and H. Boomkamp (ESA).
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Discussion: Orbit quality assessment in the IDS. Moderator: J. Ries.

The use of DORIS as a tool to study the Earth ionosphere
R.Warnant et al. (ROB).
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Comparison/combination of DORIS products

Combination of DORIS TRF.
J.J. Valette (CLS), Z. Altamimi (IGN), L. Soudarin (CLS).
PDF slides (614 Kb) - [Abstract]

Intra-technique combination at DGFI: some aspects related to DORIS
B. Meisel, D. Angermann (DGFI).
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DORIS EOP in the IERS context
D. Gambis (OP-IERS).

TRF and EOP Comparative analysis between DORIS and other space geodesy techniques
Z. Altamimi (IGN-IERS).
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The future IDS. The working connection with IERS

Outline of the future IDS products
M. Feissel-Vernier (OP & IGN).
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Discussion: how to enhance DORIS contribution to international projects (e.g. IERS, IGGOS)? Moderator: Z. Altamimi.


The orbital determination using GPS data
J. Kabelac (West-Bohemiam U.).
PDF poster (2.28 Mb)

Recent analysis of Doris data at INASAN
S.P. Kuzin, N.A. Sorokin, S.K. Tatevian (INASAN).
PDF poster (241 Kb)

Investigation of the stability of DORIS and GPS stations
K. Le Bail (IGN).
html poster (39 Kb)

Site coordinates from DORIS observations of T/P satellite by short arc technique
E.I. Yagudina, M.V. Vasiliev (IAA).

DORIS Pilot Experiment Steering Committee meeting