RINEX/DORIS 3.0 is a format derived from the RINEX/GPS format and adapted for the phase and pseudo-range measurements of the DGXX instruments
Format description
A detailed description is given in the specific document "RINEX DORIS 3.0".
A quick description of the DORIS/RINEX format can be found in "Introduction to DORIS RINEX. The principle chosen in this document is to take an example of RINEX content and describe the main parameters.
About RINEX/DORIS data processing
Recommendations from the Analysis Coordination.
Model equations for a complete solution using the  DORIS raw phase and pseudo-range measurements are detailed in the document "DORIS models and solutions" (draft).
RINEX/DORIS processing in the GINS software is presented in the document "The Doppler observation equation in the GINS software".
Routines to read DORIS/RINEX files (courtesy by Jean-michel Lemoine, CNES)
The "tar file" contains the Fortran90 subroutines used in GINS to read the RINEX files. The comments are in French. The routines read a file named "RINEX_test" which contains either 1 or more (concatenated) RINEX files and produce on output a file named "mesures_doris_format_gins". In this file the measurement is the phase difference during the 10" count interval on the 2 GHz channel (the Doppler count). For any question or mistake found in those subroutines, please contact Jean-michel Lemoine.
Data archive and naming conventions
The related part to DORIS/RINEX files is extracted from the IDS data structure and formats and reported hereafter.


File naming convention
Name: sssrxYYDDD.LLL.Z (Ex: ja2rx09001.002.Z)
sss = the satellite three-character abbreviation (1)
rx = fixed part (rx for rinex)
YY = last two digits of year of first data
DDD = three-digit day of year of first data
LLL = version number (starting with 001 for the initial version) when the file is replaced
Z = (upper cap) points to compacted file (Unix)
(1) Three-character satellite name abbreviations:
ja2 = Jason-2
cs2 = Cryosat-2
h2a = HY-2A
srl= Saral


Archive at Data Centers
At NASA/CDDIS :  ftp://cddis.gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/
At IGN :                   ftp://doris.ensg.ign.fr/pub/ 

/sss           [satellite sss]
/YYYY          [year YYYY; from 2008]
sssrxYYDDD.LLL.Z          [daily raw data file]
/V001          [for ja2 only, archive of first version of rinex files]
sssrxYYDDD.001.Z          [daily raw data file]
rinex_V001_readme          [readme file for ja2 first version of rinex file]
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Presentations (in chronological order)
AWG 2008 March
New DORIS RINEX Data Format (Description) (CNES: E. Lourme)
AWG 2008 June
RINEX/DORIS Update (IDS: L. Cerri, L. Soudarin, G. Tavernier)
IDS Workshop 2008
DORIS System: the new age (CNES: A. Auriol, C. Tourain, B. Besson) Abstract Slides
Jason 2 Doris Measurements (CNES/SOD : F. Mercier, L. Cerri, S. Houry) Abstract Slides
GINS software evolutions for the Jason-2 data processing: RINEX and DORIS 2.2 formats (CLS/CNES: L. Soudarin, H. Capdeville, J.M. Lemoine, H.M. Pau, B. Nhun Fat) Abstract Slides
OSTST 2008 meeting
Doris phase measurements, rinex format (CNES/SOD : F. Mercier, L. Cerri, S. Houry)
AWG 2011 May
Processing of DORIS RINEX data, and relationship with the 2.2 format (CNES: L. Cerri, F. Mercier)
IDS Workshop 2012
Implementation and use of the DORIS RINEX phase measurement in the GINS software (CNES/GRGS: J.M. Lemoine)
IDS Workshop 2014
Use of DORIS RINEX Doppler measurement with the GINS software (CLS/CNES : L. Soudarin, H. Capdeville, J.M. Lemoine, P. Schaeffer)
New DORIS Doppler Parameterization Inferred from Phase Measurement Analyses (CNES: A. Couhert, F. Mercier)
AWG May 2015
Improvements in the DORIS phase modeling (CNES: F. Mercier)
DORIS RINEX data processing at CNES/CLS AC (CNES/CLS: J.-M. Lemoine and H. Capdeville)
AWG October 2015
Report on RINEX processing with Jason-2 (NASA/GSFC: Nikita Zelensky)
Explanation of the difference in rms residuals between DORIS2.2 and RINEX-PANDOR data (CNES: J.-M. Lemoine)
AWG May 2016
GRG DORIS RINEX data processing (CNES: J.-M. Lemoine)
IDS Workshop 2016
Which datation method for DORIS-RINEX data (CNES: J.-M. Lemoine)
AWG May 2017
DORIS/RINEX data processing with GIPSY and GipsyX, Preliminary results and plans (IGN/JPL: P. Willis)
AWG September 2018
IDS DORIS RINEX Processing at the European Space Operations Centre (ESA/ESOC: M. Otten)