Bureau des Longitudes, Paris, FRANCE

List of participants

Olivier Bock (IGN)
Luca Cerri (CNES)
Alexandre Couhert (CNES)
Pascale Ferrage (CNES)
Daniel Gambis (Obs. Paris)
Ramesh Govind (Geoscience Australia)   
Sergey Kuzin (Inasan)

Frank Lemoine (NASA/GSFC)
Jean-Michel Lemoine (CNES/GRGS)  
Guilhem Moreaux (CLS)
Michiel Otten (ESOC)
Jean-Yves Richard (Obs. Paris)
Sergei Rudenko (GFZ)
Ernst Schrama (TU Delft)

Laurent Soudarin (CLS)
Petr Stepanek (Geodetic Obs. Pecny)
Feng Wei (IGG/Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Pascal Willis (IGN/IPGP)
Marek Ziebart (UCL)


Session 1 : General information on DORIS

 Update on future DORIS satellites (Pascale Ferrage)

 A short introduction to HY-2A (Feng Wei)

 Processing of DORIS RINEX data, and relationship with the 2.2 format (Luca Cerri, Flavien Mercier)


Session 2 : Recent POD results

 Cryosat-2 and Jason-2 POD results (Alexandre Couhert,Luca Cerri)

 CNES POD reprocessing plans (Luca Cerri and CNES POD team)

 Status of Precise Orbit Determination at Cryosat's fisrt birthday (Ernst Schrama)

 Jason-2 DORIS orbit accuracy and stability (Frank Lemoine and GSFC Analysis group)

 DPOD2008: Methods, status report and future plans (Pascal Willis and the DPOD2008 team)


Session 3 : Reports from the DORIS Analysis Centers and Analysis Combination

 Status of the activities at the IDS Combination Center (Guilhem Moreaux, Laurent Soudarin)

 CNES/CLS Analysis Center Status Report (Laurent Soudarin, Hugues Capdeville, Philippe Schaeffer, Jean-Michel Lemoine)

 GOP Analysis Center Status Report (Petr Stepanek)

 INASAN Analysis Center Status Report (Sergey Kuzin, Suroya Tatevian)

 IGN Analysis Center Status Report (Pascal Willis)

 ESOC Analysis Center Status Report (Michiel Otten, Werner Enderle)

 GSFC Analysis Center Status Report (Douglas Chinn, Frank Lemoine, Karine Le Bail, Nikita Zelensky, J.W. Beall)

 Earth Parameter and Orbit System - Orbit Computation (EPOS-OC) software - a tool for space geodesy research at GFZ (Sergei Rudenko, Rolf König, Karl-Hans Neumayer, Jean-Claude Raimondo, Frank Flechtner) 


Session 4 : Open issues in DORIS data processing

 Proposed surface force modelling research programme for the DORIS satellites (Marek Ziebart) 

 DORIS antenna phase center: is there a bias between Alcatel and Starec reference? (Pascal Willis, Xavier, Collilieux, Zuheir Altamimi)

 Attempts to implement the DORIS station antenna phase correction (Jean-Michel Lemoine)

 Multi-technique combination for Earth Orientation (Jean-Yves Richard, Daniel Gambis, Christian Bizouard, Richard Biancale, Géraldine Bourda, Florent Deleflie, Sylvain Loyer, Laurent Soudarin)

 An inter-comparison of zenith tropospheric delays and gradients from DORIS and GPS (Olivier Bock, Pascal Willis, Yoaz Bar-Sever)

 2nd order ionospheric correction for DORIS and GPS data (Oscar Colombo, Frank Lemoine)



 Operational considerations for AC's (Frank Lemoine) 

 Future reprocessing plans (Frank Lemoine)