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IERS and contributing techniques


IERS IERS International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service
IGS IGS International GPS Service: Monitoring Global Change by Satellite Tracking
ILRS Logo, International Laser Ranging Service ILRS International Laser Ranging Service
IVS IVS International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry


IERS DORIS Data Centers



IGN IGN Data Center (France) ftp sites at doris.ign.fr and doris.ensg.eu
CDDIS GSFC/CDDIS Data Center (USA) web site and archive (authenticated access) sites


DORIS related sites



doris_2010 DORIS official website - CNES - Aviso/Altimetry
CNES CNES Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
Presentation of the DORIS programme
IGN IGN Institut national de l'information géographique et forestière
(in French) System presentation, Network Site Logs, IGN contribution, Geodetic and other applications
NASA/GSFC NASA/GSFC Space Geodesy Project
CLS CLS Science and technology for studying and monitoring our planet





SPOT-4 SPOT-4 - CNES - Earth Observation Satellite
SPOT-5 SPOT-5 - CNES - Earth Observation Satellite
TOPEX/POSEIDON TOPEX/POSEIDON - NASA/JPL - Ocean Surface Topography from Space
JASON Jason-1 - CNES - Aviso/Altimetry
JASON Jason-1 - NASA/JPL - Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Jason-2 - CNES - Aviso/Altimetry
Jason-2 - NASA/JPL - Ocean Surface Topography from Space
ENVISAT-1 ENVISAT-1 - ESA - Oceanography mission
CryoSat CryoSat - CNES Projects Library 
CryoSat - ESA 
SARAL SARAL - CNES Projects Library  
Jason-3 Jason-3 - CNES Projects Library
Jason-3 - NASA/JPL - Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Jason-3 - Eumetsat
Sentinel-3 Sentinel-3 - CNES Projects Library
Sentinel-3 - ESA
Sentinel-3 - Eumetsat
  HY 2C2 HY-2A - CNES - Aviso/Altimetry
HY-2C - CNES - Aviso/Altimetry
HY-2D - CNES - Aviso/Altimetry
Sentinel-6 Sentinel-6 - CNES Projects Library
Sentinel-6 - NASA/JPL - Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Sentinel-6 - ESA
Sentinel-6 - Eumetsat


International Resources and Programs



IUGG IUGG International Union of Geodesy and geophysics
IAG IAG International Association of Geodesy
GGOS GGOS The Global Geodetic Observing System
ICSU-WDS ISC International Science Council (ISC)
WDS WDS World Data System (WDS)
EGU EGU European Geosciences Union
AGU AGU American Geophysical Union
COSPAR COSPAR Committee on Space Research


Analysis related bookmarks



ITRF solutions
ILRS Science and Analysis
logo IVS IVS Analysis
logo IVS IVS Analysis Coordination
IERS Analysis Coordinator
IGS Analysis Center Coordinator
Global Geophysical Fluids Center of IERS
OSTST : T/P-Jason Ocean Surface Topography Science Team


GRACE websites:

GFZ Potsdam
CSR Austin