DORIS Analysis Working Group meeting (AWG) of the International DORIS Service - November 28&29, 2023

AWG meeting

Dates: November 28 (afternoon) & 29 (morning), 2023

Local host: Samuel Nahmani, Arnaud Pollet, Jérôme Saunier (IGN)

Meeting location: IGN, 73, avenue de Paris 94160 Saint-Mandé, France (Tel: +33 143 988 000)


Other related event (invitation-only): Governing Board meeting, Wednesday November 29, 14:00-16:00


List of attendees 


 Altamimi Zuheir  Locher Anno  Schrama Ernst
 Boniface Claude  Moreaux Guilhem  Schreiner Patrick
 Cherrier Marie  Nahmani Samuel  Soudarin Laurent
 Couhert Alexandre  Papanikolaou Xanthos  Stepanek Petr
 Didelot Francois  Pollet Arnaud  Tsakiri Maria
 Le Bail Karine  Reinhold Anton  Yaya Phillipe
 Lemoine Frank  Rudenko Sergei  Zeitlhöfler Julian
 Lemoine Jean-Michel  Saunier Jerome  



 Banos-Garcia Adrian  Kuzin Sergei  Sanchez-Drewes Laura
 Capdeville Hugues  Mezerette Adrien  Saquet Eléonore
 Chauveau Jean-Pierre  Moyard John  Wang Ningbo
 Katsigianni Georgia  Otten Michiel  Yates Taylor A.
 Kumar Vikash  Peter Heike  





Tuesday, November 28 2023

12:00-12:10: Registration and sign-in at IGN Lobby (73, Avenue de Paris 94160 Saint-Mandé)

Please wait in the lobby with all AWG participants

12:10-12:15: We take you all to the IGN Géoroom

12:15-12:30: Welcoming and introduction to the IDS 20th Anniversary celebration

12:30-13:30: Buffet

13:50-14:00: Welcoming to IDS AWG Meeting and logistics

14:00-18:10: Session I & II with coffee break from 16:00 to 16:25 (see below detailed program)

19:30: dinner at Lili and Marcel’s (participation confirmation required)


Wednesday, November 29 2023

9:00-10:45: End of Session II presentations (see below detailed program)

10:50-11:10: Coffee break

11:10-12:30: Time reserve / Discussions

12:30: End of the AWG meeting

14:00-16:00: IDS Governing Board Meeting (only for GB members)

Detailed Meeting Program


Tuesday 28.11.

SESSION I: IDS, DORIS system and IDS centers reports 

13:50 Štěpánek P., Nahmani S., Saunier J.: Welcome, logistics

14:00 Soudarin, L.: IDS News

14:15 Boniface C., Didelot F.: DORIS System news

14:30 Yates T. A.: Updates at CDDIS since last year ONLINE

14:45 Saunier J.: DORIS Network status and outlook

15:00 Moreaux G.:  Current status of the IDS combination

15:15 Capdeville H. : GRG AC status ONLINE

15:30 Štěpánek P.: GOP AC status

15:45 Lemoine F. G.: GSC AC status 

16: 00 – 16:25 Coffee Break

16:25 Kuzin S. P.: RINEX DORIS data processing at INASAN ONLINE

16:40 Nahmani S., Arnaud P.: Status of the DORIS analysis center at IGN-IPGP in the context of the extension of the ITRF2020

16:55 Schreiner P.: Status report of the IDS Associate Analysis Center at GFZ

17:10 Moreaux G.:  Status of the IDS contribution to the ITRF2020


SESSION II: POD and other DORIS applications 

17:25 Zeitlhöfler J., Bloßfeld M., Rudenko S.: Presentation on the current status of DORIS POD at DGFI-TUM


Wednesday 28.11.

SESSION II: POD and other DORIS applications 

9:00 Cherrier M., Couhert A., Mercier, F.: Assessment of Jason-3 and Sentinel-6 MF radiation pressure model

9:15 Couhert A., Moyard J.: Progress in the phase 0 DORIS on board Galileo (DoG)

9:30 Katsigianni G., Mercier F., Couhert A., Moyard J.: Introduction of 2/rev harmonics in the empirical forces model for Sentinel altimetry satellites ONLINE

9:45 Cherrier M., Yaya P.: Contribution of DORIS System to Global Ionospheric Scintillation Mapping

10:00 Schrama E., Visser P.: Improvements in the Precision Orbit Determination strategy for CryoSat-2

10:15 Rudenko S., Bloßfeld M., Dettmering D., Zeitlhöfler J.: Evaluation of ITRS 2020 realizations for precise orbit determination of altimetry satellites

10:30 Löcher A., Kusche J.: Monthly gravity fields from SLR and DORIS using tailored base functions: final improvements

10:45 Wang N., Dettmering N., Liu A., Schmidt M.: Near-Real-Time DORIS Data for GNSS-based Ionospheric Maps Validation and Combination ONLINE

11:05 – 11:20 Coffee Break

11:20 Time reserve + discussion

12:30 End of the AWG meeting




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The IGN is situated on the outskirts of the Paris ring road, near the “Porte de Vincennes”. It can be conveniently reached by metro from any location in Paris:

  • Metro line 1: Station “Saint-Mandé”
  • Take Exit 4 “Rue du Parc”
  • Once at the top of the stairs, walk straight ahead on the sidewalk of “Avenue de Paris”
  • After 3 min. walk (300 m), you will see at your right hand the main entrance of IGN



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