Publication year: 2023

Main contributors: Capdeville H., Dettmering D., Ferrage P., Kuzin S., Lemoine F., Michael P., Moreaux G., König R., Saunier J., Soudarin L., Štěpánek P.

Editors: L. Soudarin and P. Ferrage

DOI: 10.24400/312072/i02-2023.001

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Citation: IDS Activity report 2021. L. Soudarin and P. Ferrage (Eds), Toulouse, International DORIS Service and CNES, 2023.


The International DORIS Service (IDS) gives access to data, products and documents related to the DORIS system for satellite position determination, and provides a support to research activities in geodesy and geophysics based on the data and derived products. This IDS Activity Report 2021 summarizes the current structure of the IDS, the activities of the Central Bureau, provides an overview of the DORIS network, describes the IDS data centers, summarizes the DORIS satellite constellation, and includes reports from the Analysis Centers, Associate Analysis Centers, and working groups.

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