Site Updates - December 2017

Updated version of the document satellite macromodels implemented in CNES POE processing including update on HY-2A DORIS Center of Phase location 

Added 16 updated sitelogs (ADHC, BADB, CIDB, FUUB, HBMB, JIWC, KIVC, MEUB, MNAC, OWEC, OWFC, SAPC, TLSB + former stations CACB, SPIB, YARB)

Added DORIS-related presentations at AGU Fall meeting 2017

Added IDS presentation at AGU Fall meeting 2017

Added IDS presentations at IERS Directing Board meeting and GGOS Bureau for Networks and Observations meeting, December 2017

Added contribution to activity reports IERS 2016

Site Updates - March 2017

The Section "Combination" has been renamed, reorganized and enriched.
It is now named "Combination Center" and contains new pages about
the Activity and Products of the Combination Center, the cumulative solution and the DPOD
in addition to the section dedicated to the contributions to the ITRF.

Site Updates - September 2016

Added a new video for Sentinel-3. You can watch it from the table of the page Satellites, on the page Sentinel-3A, or in the playlist "DORIS missions" of the IDS video channel.

Added sitelogs for some old and temporary sites (BRBA, CARB, HVOA, IQUB, KAEB, QUIB, SAFB, SIGA, STEA, TROA, WAIA, YENB)

Updated peer-reviewed publications with new references (see dorismail 1044)

Site Updates - April 2016

Videos of the DORIS-equipped satellites in orbit (to watch and to create) (dorismail 1016)

Site Updates - November 2015

New file of mass and gravity center initial values recommended by IDS

New file giving the list of the time frames when yaw steering is turned off for Cryosat-2 (source EJO Schrama)

Updated version of the description file of Cryosat-2 quaternions

Updated version of the document RINEX/DORIS

Updated version of the document System requirements for management of the DORIS station network

Presentations of the AWG meeting in Greenbelt, USA, October 15-16 2015, are available, as well as pictures of the visit at the Goddard Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory (GGAO)

Minutes of the Governing Board meeting in Washington

Added the study report of Gitton and Kneib in "DORIS-related presentations"

Site Updates - September 2015

New page with tables of Data and Products

All the presentations in IDS meetings (AWG and Workshop) are gathered on the page "Meeting presentations"

Updated the Governing Board's organization page with a table of the composition of the GB since 2003

Added all minutes of AWG meetings on the Analysis Coordination's documents page

Updated version of the document satellite macromodels implemented in CNES POE processing including the new adopted value of the initial center of mass position in Z for Saral

Added a link to the new document “Modelling of the ground beacons and ground antennas” 

New version of the document "Modelling of the DORIS instruments 1G (Spot-2, -3, -4, Topex) and 2G (Envisat)" (sections about ground beacons and ground antennas removed)

New description file for the mass history

Added a presentation (Ries, 2013) and a paper (Gerasimenko et al., 2005) in "DORIS-related presentations"