The International DORIS Service (IDS) workshop was held on October 21-22, 2010 at the International Fair in Lisbon, Portugal. The purpose of this workshop was to get representatives from all DORIS groups together to share information about the network and data, products, to perform inter-comparisons, and to highlight developments and scientific results in all aspects of the DORIS system.  The IDS workshop was organized in conjunction with:

  • The Ocean Surface Topography Science Team meeting (OSTST), 18-20 October 2010
  • The special workshop : "Towards higher resolution ocean dynamics and hydrology", 20-22 October 2010

The posters of these two meetings are available on AVISO web site

The IDS event was also a platform for discussion and coordination of future activities within the Analysis Working and Governing Board meetings.

The presentations of the IDS Workshop can be found hereafter.

Oral and Poster presentations

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Session 1 – Doris System

Chairpersons: Pascal Willis (IPGP/IGN), Pascale Ferrage (CNES)

DORIS system developments and Future Missions

P. Ferrage, C. Tourain, C. Jayles, F. Boldo

 Abstract -  PDF slides

DORIS network 2010 status report

J. Saunier

 Abstract  PDF slides

DORIS/Cryosat-2 now in flight

F. Schiavon, C. Tourain, C. Jayles, A. Auriol, F. Didelot

 Abstract -  PDF slides

DORIS : Control of the signal integrity

C. Tourain, C. Jayles, A. Auriol, F. Didelot

 Abstract -  PDF slides

SPOT-5 and South Atlantic Anomaly

P. Stepanek, V. Filler, J. Dousa

 Abstract -  PDF slides

DORIS system time bias: Envisat-1 and Jason-2

R. Govind, F. Lemoine, D. Chinn, N. Zelensky

 Abstract -  PDF slides

Session 2 – IDS organisation - Analysis coordination & centers

Chairpersons: Laurent Soudarin (CLS), Gilles Tavernier (CNES)

International DORIS Service: Status report and perspectives

P. Willis, F. Lemoine

 Abstract -  PDF slides

Improvements in DORIS Processing at the GSFC AC

F. Lemoine, D. Chinn, K. Le Bail, N. Zelensky

 Abstract -  PDF slides

Recent improvements in DORIS processing at ESOC

M. Otten, C. Flohrer, T. Springer, J. Dow

 Abstract -  PDF slides

Current activity at CNES/CLS DORIS analysis Center

L. Soudarin, H. Capdeville, J.-M. Lemoine

 Abstract -  PDF slides

Session 3 – Geodesy, Reference frame, Earth’s rotation

Chairpersons: Guilhem Moreaux (CLS), Frank Lemoine (NASA/GSFC)

IDS 2010 campaign, current status

G. Moreaux, J.J. Valette, L. Soudarin, F. Lemoine

 Abstract -  PDF slides

Monitoring Polar Motion by DORIS Technique

D. Gambis, J.Y. Richard

 Abstract -  PDF slides

Analysis of the Earth’s Center of mass periodical movement

S. Kuzin, S. Tatevian

 Abstract -  PDF slides

Contribution of the new DORIS/DGXX instruments to the geodetic products

L. Soudarin, H. Capdeville, J.-M. Lemoine

 Abstract  PDF slides

Investigation KITAB-TASHKENT baseline on the combination of different geodetic techniques

D. Fazilova, A. Fazilov

 Abstract -  PDF slides

Session 4 – Precise Orbit Determination / geophysics / new applications

Chairpersons: Petr Stepanek (VUGTK), Michiel Otten (ESA/ESOC)

Precise orbit determination for the CryoSat-2 mission

L. Cerri, A. Couhert, S. Houry, F. Mercier

 Abstract -  PDF slides

Improving DORIS troposphere measurements modeling Jason-1 and Jason-2

N. Zelensky, F. Lemoine, D. Chinn, D. Pavlis, D. Rowlands, K. Le Bail

 Abstract -  PDF slides

Tropospheric estimation using DORIS data, current status and perspectives

P. Willis, Y. Bar-Sever, O. Bock

 Abstract -  PDF slides

DORIS phase measurement and ionospheric effects

F. Mercier

 Abstract -  PDF slides

Preliminary results of the correlation between T2L2 and DORIS, on Jason

P. Exertier, L. Soudarin, H. Capdeville, C. Tourain, C. Jayles

 Abstract -  PDF slides

Friday, October 21st, 2010

Session 5 – Posters

Adaptive mapping functions

P. Gegout, R. Biancale, L. Soudarin

 Abstract -  PDF poster

DORIS/JASON-2 : Less than 5 cm on-board orbit in real-time

C. Jayles, J.P. Chauveau, C. Tourain, A. Auriol

 Abstract -  PDF poster              


DORIS 20th anniversary celebration - 20 October 2010

Analysis Working Group meeting - 22 October 2010

IDS Governing Board Meeting - 22 October 2010


IDS scientific committee:

  • Frank Lemoine (NASA/GSFC, USA) -chair-
  • John Dow (ESA, Germany)
  • Laurent Soudarin (CLS, France)
  • Petr Stepanek (Geodesy Observatory Pecný, Czech Republic)
  • Pascal Willis (IGN+IPGP, France)