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IDS Workshop 2022: Abstracts, presentations and photo available

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International DORIS Service


Organization of the service and documents, access to the data and products, event announcements, contacts and links.

DORIS system

DORIS System

Allows to access general description of the system, and gives information about the system events and the tracking network.

ids Analysis Coordination

Analysis Coordination

Provides information and discussion areas about the analysis strategies and models used in the IDS products. It includes also the information about the Combination Center activities.

ids web service

Web service

Gives access to DOR-O-T, the IDS Web service, that proposes a family of plot tools to visualize time series of DORIS-related products and a network viewer to select sites.

Acknowledge IDS

Whenever you use IDS data, products, or results in a publication, please include a proper citation.

What's new on IDS

  • IDS - July 2022

    DPOD2014 version 5.6 available at CDDIS and IGN data centers (see dorismail ...

  • IDS - May 2022

    DORIS special issue in ASR - Deadline extension. The new deadline is now 1 July 2022 (see dorismail ...

What's new on DORIS

  • DORIS - August 2022

    New point at Ny-Alesund II (SVBC) The DORIS antenna at NY-ALESUND II has recently been replaced in order to overcome...

  • DORIS - June 2022

    New point at San Juan (SJVC) The DORIS station at SAN JUAN (Argentina) was recently upgraded with 4th generation...

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