DORIS Days 2021


The IDS is organizing online “DORIS Days" on November 16, 17 and 18, 2021.

This event is an introductory course to give non-practitioners in DORIS the opportunity to broaden their knowledge on the DORIS technique as well as on the use of the IDS routine products. 

Three sessions will be given online for up to two hours with a target start time of 13:00 UTC.

More information will be given on this page in the coming weeks.


  • Registration: closed
  • Platform for online sessions: Microsoft Teams
  • Login information for the sessions will be sent from November 8
  • Organization committee:  Pascale Ferrage, Karine Le Bail, Frank Lemoine, Guilhem Moreaux, Jérôme Saunier, Ernst Schrama, Laurent Soudarin
  • Complete program (download)
  • A forum ( is open to registered participants of the event. It offers a space where they will find the material presented during the sessions, and where they will be able to ask questions to the speakers who will answer them during the whole opening of this forum, from November 16 to 26 (or later).