IDS data/information centers

  • The Central Bureau (CB) produces/stores/maintains basic information on the DORIS system, including various standard models (satellites, receivers, signal, reference frames, etc). Data available at this website and an ftp site at CLS.
  • The Data Centers (DC) store observational data and products, formats and analysis descriptions.
    CDDIS: web and ftp sites.
    IGN: ftp sites at or at
  • The Analysis Coordinator (AC) provides information and discussion areas about the analysis strategies and models, and analyses of the products of the Analysis Centers, refering to CB and DC information on the data and modelling.
  • General information and Analysis Centers related information are distributed via DORISMails and DORISReports. Analysis topics are discussed on the Analysis forum. More information about the IDS mail system.

See also the document from the Analysis Coordination: IDS data structure and formats


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