IDS - June 2021

IDS Workshop 2021 in Venice should be postponed to 2022, certainly from March 21 to 23 

We will keep you informed as soon as we have confirmation, or if we maintain this workshop virtually in October.

The “in person” part of the meeting is cancelled (see dorismail 1282).

IDS - May 2021

DPOD2014 version 5.3 available at CDDIS and IGN data centers (see dorismail 1281)


IDS Workshop 2021: Call for Papers

The abstract submission for the IDS Workshop is now open through this interface and will end June 12 (midnight UTC):

IDS - April 2021

DPOD2014 version 5.2 available at CDDIS and IGN data centers (see dorismail 1274)

IDS - March 2021

Availability of HY-2C DORIS data at IDS data centers (see dorismail 1267).

IDS - February 2021

Annoucement of the IDS Workshop 2021 (dorismail 1265). Save the date: October 18-20 2021, Venice, Italy.

Availability of Sentinel-6 DORIS data at IDS data centers (see dorismail 1264).

IDS - December 2020

IDS Newsletter #8 is published (dorismail 1257)

IDS election announcement (dorismail 1253)

IDS - November 2020

DPOD2014 version 5.1 includes the new station at Höfn (HOFC) (see dorismail 1250)

IDS - October 2020

CDDIS Termination of Unencrypted ftp (dorismail 1248)

IDS - August 2020

DPOD2014 version 5.0 available (dorismail 1236)

IDS - April 2020

The IDS workshop associated with the OSTST meeting in Venice in October 2020 is cancelled (dorismail 1228)

Reminder - Termination of Anonymous ftp at CDDIS (dorismail 1226)

IDS - February 2020

DORIS day May 2 2020 to learn more about DORIS and IDS products (dorismail 1218).

The International DORIS Service (IDS) is organizing a "DORIS Day" on Saturday 2 May 2020 at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, prior to the EGU 2020.
This IDS event aims at introducing the DORIS technique and at fostering the use of the IDS routine products
(coordinate time series, DORIS RINEX data, ephemerides of DORIS satellites...) to people who are not familiar with this satellite positioning technique.

Program and information and Free registration

IDS - January 2020

DPOD2014 version 4.0 corrected. The correction concerns only station STKC (see dorismail 1211).

DPOD2014 version 4.1 includes the new station at Santa-Cruz (SCRC) (see dorismail 1212).

IDS Newsletter #7 is published. This issue is dedicated to DORIS stations in Latin America (see dorismail 1213).

Persistent problems with data transfer to CDDIS (see dorismail 1214).

Transition of CDDIS Management at NASA GSFC (see dorismail 1216).

IDS - December 2019

The IDS workshop 2020 will take place in Venice (Italy) on October 19-21 2020.
It is organized in conjunction with the annual OSTST meeting (see dorismail 1201)
Information will be updated on the conference website at

Termination of anonymous ftp at CDDIS. Please read the entire dorismail 1206


IDS - November 2019

DPOD2014 v4.0 is available at the IGN and CDDIS data centers (dorismail 1198).
Learn more about DPOD.
Station velocities of the DPOD solution can be displayed on the Network viewer.


IDS - August 2019

New delivery of Jason-1 solar panel angle data (from June 13, 2012 until June 2, 2013) (dorismail 1193)

IDS - May 2019

POE orbits for Cryosat-2 in POE-F standards at CDDIS and IGN Data Centers (version number = 20) (dorismail 1183)

IDS - February 2019

IDS Newsletter #6 is published (dorismail 1174)

It is with profound sadness that we must announce to you the passing of our colleague, Dr. Richard Biancale, geodesist, recently retired from the CNES in September 2018, and most recently working at the GFZ (Oberpfaffenhofen) with Dr. Frank Flechtner on GRACE Follow-On. We were informed of his death on Monday February 4, 2019 from a heart attack while skiing in the Alps (see the obituary notice in dorismail 1166).


IDS - December 2018

IDS election results to fill the two vacancies in the IDS Governing Board (see dorismail 1155)

Current status of the delivery of the orbits in POE-F standard for Jason-3, Sentinel-3A, Sentinel-3B and Saral (see dorismail 1152)

New DORIS SINEX Master file, including codes, DOMES and geographic positions of all the DORIS stations, type and eccentricity of the antennas (see dorismail 1151)

IDS - November 2018

DPOD2014 v3.0 is available at the IGN and CDDIS data centers (dorismail 1147). Learn more about DPOD.

Temporary unavailability of DORIS data at CDDIS due to interruption of uploads (see dorismail 1144).


IDS - October 2018

POE orbits for Jason-3 in POE-F standards at CDDIS and IGN Data Centers (version number = 20) (dorismail 1142)

IDS Workshop 2018: presentations are online (dorismail 1134)

IDS - July 2018

IDS election announcement (dorismail 1122)

IDS Workshop 2018 - Program online and please register soon (see dorismail 1121)

Sentinel-3B DORIS data at CDDIS and IGN Data Centers (see dorismail 1120)

IDS - May 2018

The abstract submission has been extended until May 21 (midnight Pacific Standard Time) for both OSTST and IDS (see dorismail 1112)

IDS - April 2018

The abstract submission for the IDS Workshop 2018 (and OSTST meeting) is now open through this interface and will end on May 14 (midnight UTC):

(see dorismail 1109)

Important Deadlines:
May 14, 2018. Abstract Submission.
May 25, 2018. End of Early Registration (350 Euros; registration is 450 Euros after this date).

(see dorismail 1110)

IDS - February 2018

Second Announcement of IDS Workshop 24-26 September 2018, Ponta Delgada (Azores Archipelago), Portugal (see dorismail 1104)

IDS - January 2018

DORIS/RINEX data delivery back to nominal (see dorismail 1100)

First Announcement and Call for Papers, IDS Workshop 24-26 September 2018, Ponta Delgada (Azores Archipelago), Portugal (see dorismail 1099)

Suspended DORIS/RINEX data delivery (between January 19  to 22) (see dorismail 1097)

IDS - December 2017

HY-2A POD instrument location (DORIS, SLR, GPS) updates:
MOE (DORIS-only) and POE (DORIS+GPS) precise orbits computed at CNES updated consequently (see dorismail 1092)

IDS - November 2017

IDS Newsletter #4 is published (dorismail 1085)

DPOD2014 v2.0 is available at the IGN and CDDIS data centers (dorismail 1084). Learn more about DPOD.