Cumulative solution

Cumulative solution

Since the IDS contribution to the realization of the ITRF2014, the IDS Combination Center (CC) routinely (every three months) computes a DORIS position and velocity cumulative solution from the latest IDS combined series. The cumulative solution provides the usual/classical estimates: station positions and velocities at a mean epoch.

All the details on the elaboration of the IDS cumulative solution can be found in Moreaux et al. (2016).



Input data:

  • Weekly SINEX files from the latest IDS combined series.
  • Station discontinuities (online file).
  • Tie vectors (online file).

Output files:

  • Cumulative solution in SINEX format.
  • Station position residuals (online plots).
  • Tie discrepancies (estimated – measured ties; online plot).


Moreaux, G., Lemoine, F.G., Argus, D.F., Santamaría-Gómez, A., Willis, P., Soudarin, L., Gravelle, M., and Ferrage, P., 2016. Horizontal and vertical velocities derived from the IDS contribution to ITRF2014, and comparisons with geophysical models, Geophysical Journal International, 207(1), 209-227, doi:10.1093/gji/ggw265