IDS - 2000-2009

June 2009

IDS News
DORIS Special Issue / JASR : The deadline for submission has been extended until July 31, 2009 (see dorismail 606)

March 2009

IDS news
New IDS Governing Board elected for the 2009-2012 term (dorismail 590)
DORIS Special Issue / JASR Web site now open for submissions (dorismail 587)

February 2009

Information on the updates to the IERS Conventions (dorismail 583)

IDS news
A first IDS weekly combined solution series has been produced as a DORIS contribution to the ITRF2008 call for participation (dorismail 581)
Changes to Archives of DORIS Data at IDS Data Centers related to Jason-2 DORIS RINEX files reprocessing  (dorismails 578 and 563)

January 2009

IDS news
DORIS Special Issue in Advances in Space / deadlines (dorismail 571)

December 2008

Leap Second on 2008/12/31 23:59:60 (dorismail 570)

November 2008

ITRF2008 Call for Participation (dorismail 561)

October 2008

IDS news
After the success of the previous DORIS Special Issue in Journal of Geodesy (2006), the IDS Governing Board has considered the possibility of a second DORIS Special Issue in Advances in Space Research (2009) (dorismail 554a)

September 2008

IDS Workshop 2008 - 2nd announcement and important deadlines (dorismails 551, 553)

July 2008

Leap Second Announcement (IERS Bulletin C36) (dorismail 544)

June 2008

IDS Workshop 2008 - First anouncement & call for contributions
The International DORIS Service (IDS) workshop will be held on November 12-14, 2008, in conjunction with
the 2008 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team meeting (OSTST).
The venue will be the Acropolis conference center in Nice, France. (see dorismail 541)

March 2008

Opening of an upgraded Aviso web site.
You will find updated informations about the DORIS system: principle, system description, applications, missions

January 2008

IDS news
The Analysis Coordination organizes a DORIS Analysis Working Group meeting to be held on March 13-14, 2008, in Paris, France.
The next IDS Workshop will be held on November 12-14, 2008, in Nice, France.
It will be organized in conjunction with the "Observing and Forecasting The Ocean" symposium, and the Ocean Surface Topography Team Science Meeting.

October 2007

IDS news
Adoption of ITRF2005 in the IGN/JPL DORIS products
(dorismails 509, 511)
New DORIS LCA sinex series (dorismail 510)LCA sp1 orbits at IDS data centers (dorismail 513)

May 2007

IDS news

IGN/JPL DORIS Analysis Center back to France (dorismail 484)
New IDS Data Center structure and procedures at IGN (dorismail 486)
Providing station velocity precision in IGN/JPL plots (dorismail 490)
New ionospheric correction and redelivery of Jason-1 files (dorismail 498)

November 2006

The DORIS Special Issue in the Journal of Geodesy is currently being printed by Springer-Verlag (November issue) (dorismail 464).
Articles are available online at the SpringerLink web site.
The pages Peer-reviewed journals and Citation were updated.

October 2006

The ITRF2005 solution is available at the dedicated web site: (dorismail 462).

June 2006

Forthcoming events:
Several meetings in Munich in October 2006 (GGOS Workshop, IAG Symposium GREF2006, FIG Congress...)

March 2006

The program of the next IDS Workshop in Venice is available here (see also dorismail 440)

February 2006

Frank Lemoine has been elected by the Governing Board as the new Analysis Coordinator for the period 2006 to mid 2007.

December 2005

IDS is looking for a new Analysis Coordinator for the end of the term (2006 to mid 2007) of Martine Feissel-Vernier who left this function at the end of October 2005. The functions of the IDS Analysis Coordinator are defined in our Terms of Reference. If you are interested to become the next IDS Analysis Coordinator or want to suggest possible names for this position, please contact the before January 6 (see dorismail 427 for more details).

September 2005

IDS workshop
The next IDS workshop (2 days), will take place in parallel to the "15 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry" Symposium and the OSTST meeting. These three events will be held on 13 to 18 of March 2006, in Venice, Italy.
More information and call for participation will be send in October.

Farewell to IDS (DORISmail 402)
Martine Feissel will leave at the end of October 2005 the function of IDS Analysis Coordinator that she initiated in February 2002. Her successor will be designated by the Governing Board. The Governing Board and the Central Bureau Members thank Martine for her major contribution to the IDS.

New DORISmail address (dorismail 408)
The DORISmail service is now operated at CLS. The new address to be used from now on is .
Further information can be found here.

February 2005

Reminder: The IDS Annual Report is in preparation (dorismail 366). Contributions should be sent to the Central Bureau by February 10.

Links to the new CDDIS server,, have been updated.
All DORIS data and products are now available through this new server using the same directory structure as was found on the old CDDIS server, (see dorismails 365 and 368).

December 2004

Forthcoming events:
EGU General Assembly
April 24-29, 2005 - Vienna, Austria
Reminder: Deadline for receipt of abstracts: 21 January 2005

September 2004

Forthcoming events:
Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting
Colloque 2004 du GDR G2 - Géodésie-Géophysique (in french)

June 2004

Forthcoming COSPAR Scientific Assembly July 18-25, 2004 - Paris: abstracts of presentations related to DORIS and IDS are online.

January 2004

IDS organizes a Plenary Meeting to be held in Paris on 3-4 May 2004.
See the events.

November 2003

Following the release of new gravity field models derived from the GRACE mission, the IDS organizes an Analysis Campaign to investigate the impact of these new models on the IDS products. (dorismail No 264). See details.

August 2003

Forthcoming event:
AGU Fall Meeting, December 8-12, 2003 - San Francisco, USA
Reminder : Deadlines for submission of abstracts: 28 August 2003 (Postal submission), 4 September 2003, 1400 UT (Online submission)

1, July 2003

Official start of the IDS as an IAG service. See the new terms of reference and the present organization.

June 2003

IDS station deployed at Wettzell (Germany) following a proposal by BKG (Budesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie). In a few weeks, the station should be moved to Concepción (Chile) to integrate the TIGO mobile observatory (Transportable Integrated Geodetic Observatory) (dorismail No 243).

December 2002

Forthcoming events
DORIS Analysis Workshop, February 20-21, 2003 - Marne la Vallée, France.

EGS-AGU-EGU Joint Assembly, April 6-11, 2003 - Nice, France.
Reminder : Deadline for Receipt of Abstracts: 15 January 2003

IUGG General Assembly, June 30 -July 11, 2003 - Sapporo, Japan.
Reminder : Deadlines for submission of abstracts: 20 January 20 2003 (Postal submission), 30 January 30 2003 (Electronic submission)

May 2002

An Analysis Coordinator have been designed. Link to the Analysis Coordination page.

March 2000

DORIS Days, May 2-3, 2000 - Toulouse, France. See the Events
Abstracts submitted to the EGS 2000 DORIS Session are available. See the Events
List of the proposals received in respond to the Call for Participation in the DORIS Pilot Experiment.