Site Updates - December 2018

New version of the Webservice. Main new features 2018 are:

Network viewer

Plate boundaries (Bird, 2003)

Horizontal velocity vectors (DPOD2014 solution)

Vertical velocity vectors (DPOD2014 solution)

Earthquake around DORIS stations with mag. >= 6 (USGS)

List of local events

Velocity values displayed on mouse-over

Statistics update for displayed points for all the plottools

Additional data: Pos./Vel. discontinuities, number of satellites

New plottool for position residuals

Section "IDS > Reports & mails" renammed as "IDS > Documentation"

Page "IDS > Reports & mails > Documentation" renamed as "IDS > Documentation > Overview" (all links to the pages where the documentation provided by the IDS is stored)

New page "IDS > Documentation > Outreach material" (videos, leaflets, newsletters)

Page "Analysis Coordination > Documents related to data analysis" renamed as "Analysis Coordination > Documents for the data analysis";  categorie "General" modified 

Added IDS presentation at AGU Fall meeting 2018

Added IDS presentations at IERS Directing Board meeting and GGOS Bureau for Networks and Observations meeting, December 2018

Updated version of the document satellite macromodels implemented in CNES POE processing including update on Sentinel-3A and Saral DORIS Center of Phase locations

Added new maps and updates