Site Updates - November 2014

New version of the website (upgraded version of the CMS, setting up of a database)

Presentations of the IDS Workshop 2014 in Konstanz online

Photos of IDS Workshop 2014 in the Gallery

Minutes of the Governing Board meeting in Konstanz

IDS activity report 2013 available online

Added a brochure presenting the IDS web service DOR-O-T

Added a new document on DORIS site standard configurations

Added several DORIS-related presentations (sections Geodesy and Instruments)

Added several IDS-related presentations

Added a new section Presentations on the page of the Governing Board's documents

Added several new pictures of DORIS sites (Easter Island, Mahe, Marion Island, Socorro, Syowa)

Updated version of maps (colocations with other techniques, colocations with tide gauges)

New page dedicated to the DORIS/RINEX format

Survey revisited