DORIS - 2000-2009

November 2009

An error was detected in the Jason2 DORIS RINEX files available at the IDS Data Centers. See dorismail 628 for details

New files relative to Jason-1 and -2 attitude (quaternions of the S/C body and angular positions of the solar panel) are now archived at the IDS Data Centers (CDDIS and IGN) and delivered on a daily basis. They have been available since the launch of each satellite in the directories pub/doris/ancillary/quaternions

See documentation  (see also dorismail 629)

October 2009

The format of the manoeuver files has changed. They now includes velocity and acceleration values. (dorismail 622)

The format is described in The files are available at or through the "Documents" page of the Analysis Coordination.

News about CryoSat-2: new target launch on February, 28th 2010 (dorismail 619)
News about Jason-1: safe hold mode from 2009/09/15 to 2009/05/25 (dorismail 620)

June 2009

SPOT-2 end of activity (dorismail 607)

May 2009

Jason-2 RINEX/DORIS data: Improvement and Re-processing (dorismail 600)
Coordinate update at Cibinong (Indonesia) (dorismail 603)
Antenna centering control and raising at Amsterdam (dorismail 598)

April 2009

Antenna centering control at Kerguelen (dorismail 596)
Antenna support repair at Rikitea (dorismail 595)
Antenna change and raising at Crozet (dorismail 593)

March 2009

DORIS Constellation Status (dorismail 589). All the information on the Aviso Web site. See the illustration

February 2009

Status of Jason-1 and Availability of DORIS data (dorismail 586)

January 2009

Antenna raising at Cibinong (Indonesia) (dorismail 574)
Proposed Jason-1 Orbit Change: Jason-1 to move to interleaved orbit (dorismail 572)

December 2008

Antenna Change at Amsterdam (AMUB) (dorismail 566)
Antenna change at Kerguelen (dorismail 565)

October 2008

Antenna accidental displacement at Rikitea (dorismail 559)
Jason-2 / T2L2 New Doris Station : Grasse (France), a probatory experiment (dorismail 557)

July 2008

RIQB (Rio Grande) coordinates: erratum (dorismail 543)

June 2008

News of DORIS/JASON-2 on Aviso website (dorismail 542)
Jason-2 successfully launched!
The Jason-2/OSTM ocean altimetry satellite was successfully launched by NASA from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on a Delta II launcher today, June 20th, at 07:46 UTC. Separation and solar panel deployment was faultlessly executed nearly an hour later.
Further information is available on the following web sites: (in French only)

Information about the current and future missions (dorismail 540)

April 2008

Antenna raising at Rio Grande (Argentina) (dorismail 536)

March 2008

Envisat: 6 years!

February 2008

Antenna raising at Terre Adelie (Antarctica) (dorismail 533)

December 2007

News about DORIS stations and spacecrafts (dorismail 529)
Antenna raising at Monument Peak (California, USA) (dorismail 526)

November 2007

Antenna change and raising at Rothera (dorismail 521)

October 2007

Equipment upgrade at Papeete (French Polynesia) (dorismail 518)
Papeete new antenna DOMES number: erratum (dorismail 520)

July 2007

Antenna change at Toulouse (France) (dorismail 504)

May 2007

Antenna change and raising at Yellowknife (dorismail 499)
Antenna raising at Amsterdam (dorismail 497)

April 2007

Antenna change and raising at Kerguelen (dorismail 493)
Antenna tilt at Ascension Island (South Atlantic Ocean) (dorismail 492)
Antenna raising at Crozet (dorismail 491)

March 2007

A launch of STPSat-1 with one DORIS/CITRIS receiver on board took place on March 9, 2007 on an Atlas-5-401 vehicle from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

February 2007

Removal of the DORIS station at Rapa (French Polynesia) (dorismail 482)

17th anniversary of DORIS on orbit.
SPOT-2 was launched by an Ariane vehicle (flight V35) on Jaunary 22, 1990, with the first DORIS package on board. The system successfully completed in-orbit checkout in early February 1990 and it is still working 17 years later! Happy birthday.

January 2007

Antenna change at Marion Island (South Africa) (dorismail 479)

December 2006

Antenna raising at Hartebeesthoek (South Africa) (dorismail 474)

Happy Birthday Jason-1 !
Five years ago, on December 7, 2001, Jason-1 (Cnes/Nasa) was put on orbit by a Delta II rocket from the Vandenberg base, in California. This launch marked the end of a story, begun in 1993 with the decision of the mission, and the start of a new one, which is still ongoing.
More information on the AVISO web site.

November 2006

Publication of a DORIS Special Issue in the Journal of Geodesy.

A new DORIS station has been installed at Betio (Republic of Kiribati) (dorismail 466).

Jason-1 spacecraft in safe mode since October 30 (dorismail 465).
Recovery Status on November 15 (dorismail 468).
Normal operations resumed on November 17 (dorismail 469).

October 2006

A new DORIS station has been installed at Rikitea (French Polynesia) (dorismail 463). It replaces the Rapa station.

September 2006

A new feature of the Jason-2 DORIS receiver on the official DORIS website:
Coupling Doris/Diode with the Poseidon-3 altimeter: A team effort in orbit.

August 2006

Equipment upgrade and antenna raising at Arequipa (Peru) (dorismail 458)

July 2006

Antenna change at Djibouti (dorismail 456)

June 2006

Tilted antenna at Djibouti (dorismail 454)
Temporary antenna tilt at Marion Island (South Africa) (dorismails 449 and 453)
DORIS station upgrade at Dionysos (Greece) (dorismail 452)

March 2006

ESA confirms CryoSat recovery mission (dorismail 441). DORIS supplemented by a laser retro-reflector will be the spacecraft's orbitography system.

February 2006

The site of Libreville (Congo) has been renovated this winter (dorismail 432).

December 2005

A new DORIS station has been installed at Monument Peak (California, USA) (dorismail 430). It replaces the Goldstone station that has been removed (dorismail 431).

November 2005

New DORIS flight software on-board SPOT-5. Self programming of shifted frequencies beacons is one of the new features (dorismail 420).

October 2005

Cryosat launch failure (dorismail 414)
ESA's first Earth Explorer mission CryoSat was lost due to a launch failure connected to an anomaly in the launch sequence on Saturday, October 8

September 2005

Jason-1 incident (dorismails 409 and 410)
Loss of the satellite telemetry on September 20 at 19:10 UTC. Successful switch to safe hold mode on September, 22nd. Back to nominal configuration since September 28 at 11:00 UTC.

CRYOSAT launch (dorismail 401)
Officially scheduled for October 8, 2005 at 3:05 p.m. UTC. (dorismail 401)

Since June:
-survey of the antenna location at Manila (dorismail 395). A sudden displacement was measured on October 4, 2004 after one of the feet of the supporting tower became accidently loose;
- the stations at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (Galapagos) (dorismail 398) and at Colombo have been removed (dorismail 407);
- the station at Noumea has been moved to a new location, 9 km away from the former one, and upgraded (dorismail 399).

A new DORIS flight software (version 2.08) was uploaded on-board SPOT5 on September 28, 2005.
Among the improvements, the ability to perform measurements of shifted frequency beacons.

A third Master Beacon has been installed at Hartebeesthoek, and operational since September 13, 2005.

June 2005

Since the begining of the year:
- the site of Rothera (dorismail No. 375) has been renovated,
- three new stations have been installed at Male (dorismail No. 371), Virginia Key (dorismail No. 374) and Santa Cruz island (dorismail No. 379),
- and the stations at Richmond (dorismail No. 382), Purple Mountain (dorismail No. 386), and Arlit (dorismail No. 384) have been "officially" declared closed. The equipment is being removed.

February 2005

End of the DORIS/TOPEX mission. The DORIS chain 2 receiver on-board TOPEX encountered an incident on November 1, 2004. The procedures run to restart this chain and the chain 1 were not sucessfull (dorismail 366).
A new DORIS receiver will fly this year on-board CRYOSAT (dorismail 366).
A new DORIS flight software was uploaded on-board ENVISAT on October 12, 2004 (dorismail 366).

December 2004

DORIS/TOPEX incident on November 1, 2004 (dorismail 356)
More information about the change of antenna at Marion Island (South Africa) (dorismail 348) and the renovation of the station at Reykjavik (Iceland) (dorismail 355) occurred this summer.

September 2004

The russian sites of Badary (dorismail No. 340) and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (dorismail No. 341) have been renovated this summer.
Replacement of beacon and antenna in Reykjavik.
Marion Island: the aluminium antenna supporting plate which was corroded (dorismail No. 335) was replaced in August.
Jason-1: switch over to back-up DORIS receiver (dorismail No. 326)
Envisat: the DORIS instrument of the nominal chain failed on June, 6th. The DORIS redundant chain was switched on on June, 14th.

June 2004

In the past 6 months, the sites of Cachoeira Paulista (dorismail No. 312) and Mount Stromlo (dorismail No. 313) have been renovated, and a new station has been installed at the "Belgrano II" Argentine base in Antarctica, following a joint IDS proposal by the IAA (Instituto Antártico Argentino) and the German AWI (Alfred-Wegener Institute) (dorismail No. 306).

February 2004

A new DORIS station has been installed in December at Crozet Island, part of the French Southern Indian Ocean territories (dorismail No. 299).

January 2004

A new DORIS station has been installed in December at Jiufeng, near Wuhan in the Hubei province of China. It is a third generation beacon programmed on the receivers on board Jason and Envisat (dorismail No. 283).

November 2003

A third generation DORIS beacon has been installed at Gavdos (small island, south of Crete) in the frame of the IDS. Gavdos is a calibration site for the Jason altimetric mission. Transmissions started on September 27, 2003.
See photo.
To complete the information given in the dorismail No 266, the power supply system, including:
- eight solar panels providing up to 440 W (under 1 kW/m2 irradiance),
- one wind generator providing 400 W (for a 12.5 m/s wind speed),
- eight 115 Ah batteries (i.e. 920 Ah in total) for energy storage.
- lightning arrestors to protect the solar panels
- accumulators, chargers, cabling, etc.
was proposed and bought by the Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (JCET/UMBC), with funding from NASA.

June 2003

A third generation DORIS beacon installed at Wettzell (Germany) is currently working in shifted frequency transmitting mode. It has been programmed on the receivers on board Jason and Envisat (dorismail No. 243).

April 2003

Station renovation at Manila (Philippines) (dorismail No. 232)
Antenna replacement at Ascension Island (dorismail No. 235)
Antenna change at St Helena (dorismail No. 236)

February 2003

2nd IDS campaign in Antarctica (December 2002 - February 2003)
A second generation DORIS beacon was deployed by Geoscience Australia to the Lambert Glacier (Australian Antarctic Territory) to measure the three dimensional velocity of the ice motion (Previous campaign).

Mount Stromlo station destroyed by fire (dorismail No. 217). Photo provided by Dr. Ramesh Govind.
Information about the 56th station at Sal (Cape Verde) (dorismail No. 216).
A new DORIS "flight software" (version 2.08) was up-loaded on-board Jason on November 25, 2002 (dorismail No. 219).
Successfull test of a shifted frequency beacon (3rd generation) installed in Toulouse (dorismail No. 219).

December 2002

Two new stations were recently installed, one in Thule -Greenland, Denmark -
(dorismail No. 205, No. 207), and one in Cape Verde Islands.
The DORIS station at Kauai (Hawaii, USA) has been completely renovated (dorismail No. 208).

4, May 2002

Date of Spot-5 launch, the 7th satellite with DORIS onboard.
Regular news of the Spot-5 mission can be found on the Aviso web site.

1, March 2002

Date of Envisat launch, the 6th satellite with DORIS onboard.

February 2002

Reminder: Regular news of the Jason-1 mission can be found on the Aviso web site.

7, December 2001

Date of Jason-1 launch, the 5th satellite with DORIS onboard.

December 2001

IDS DORIS Workshop 13 June 2002 at Biarritz, France

23, June 2001

Major earthquake near the coast of Peru (Magnitude 8.4)
DORIS antenna displacement detection at Arequipa station