DORIS - July 2018

Jason-2 in safe hold mode from 2018/07/18 09:00 TU to 2018/07/25 08:30 TU (SHM starts just after the last maneuver to place Jason-2 on i-LRO).  First cycle of i-LRO (from 2018/07/25) is numbered 600 (see dorismail 1126). See details for DORIS data availability in dorismail 1128.

Maneuvers on July 16 and 18 to place Jason-2 on an Interleaved Long Repeat Orbit (i-LRO) for the second geodetic cycle, on a ground track in the middle of the grid defined by the first geodetic cycle (see dorismail 1124 and previous dorismail 1075)