DORIS satellite



DORIS satellite: SPOT-3


cospar :9306101
launch_date :1993/09/26
launch_site :Kourou, French Guiana
vehicle :Ariane
doris_instrument_end :1996/11/09
mission_end_date :1996/11/14
periapsis :819 km
apoapsis :846 km
period :101.2 minutes
inclination :98.6°
eccentricity :0.001872
doris_receiver_generation :1G
doris_redundancy :No
other_tracking_system :-
sp3_code :L92


Only system events, i.e. space and ground segments as reported by SSALTO
Information provided by IDS about events impacting data can be found in the Table of events
Date Origin Info Consequence
1996/11/09on boardEnd of missionno data available
1994/02/01groundDORIS data availabledata available
1993/09/26on boardLaunchno data available