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GUAM - U.S.A. (Mariana Islands)

DORIS station: GUAM - U.S.A. (Mariana Islands)

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Doris mails
No 0389 Removal of the DORIS station at Guam (USA)
No 0204 Antenna damaged at Guam
Local events
Date Acronym Information provided
2002/10/29GUABGUAB Antenna damaged
2002/04/10GUABGUAB END
2001/10/12GUABEarthquake of magnitude:7 distance:95km
2000/12/19GUABEarthquake of magnitude:6.2 distance:198km
2000/02/26GUABEarthquake of magnitude:6.2 distance:32km
1999/12/19GUABEarthquake of magnitude:6 distance:83km
1998/09/22GUABEarthquake of magnitude:6 distance:270km
1998/05/15GUABEarthquake of magnitude:6 distance:71km
1997/05/09GUABEarthquake of magnitude:6 distance:44km
1997/04/23GUABEarthquake of magnitude:6.5 distance:50km
1996/06/09GUABEarthquake of magnitude:6.5 distance:439km

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For more recent station positions and velocities, refer to the latest DPOD solution available here