What's new on DORIS

DORIS - March 2015

New  4-letter code ending with letter C for DORIS ground station (see dorismail 0963)

Antenna change at Kerguelen (see dorismail 0962)

DORIS - January 2015

Antenna change at Rothera (see dorismail 0961)

End of SPOT-5 trade mission on March 31 2015 (see dorismail 0957)

DORIS - December 2014

A new DORIS station has been installed in the Chatham Islands, New Zealand, at the place known as Owenga (see dorismail 947). This station replaces the former DORIS station bearing the acronym of "CHAB" located 18km away which has been completely removed (see dorismail 948).

DORIS - October 2014

Antenna change at Ponta Delgada (see DORISmail 0940)

DORIS - July 2014

Antenna replacement at Marion Island (see DORISmail 934)

DORIS - June 2014

Antenna replacement at Syowa (see DORISmail 927)

Station at Socorro moved to a new location (see DORISmail 925)

DORIS - May 2014

Update of SPOT-5 Solar Array Pitch Values (End 2013, Start 2014) (see dorismail 922)

DORIS - April 2014

Update of Jason-1 center of mass history / initial center of gravity (see dorismail 919)

DORIS - November 2013

Antenna moved to a new support in Grasse (see dorismail 901)

DORIS - September 2013

A new DORIS station has been installed in the French West Indies, Martinique, near Fort-de-France at "Le Lamentin" in the premises of Meteo France (see dorismail 897).

Antenna change and raising at St John's (see dorismail 896).

DORIS - July 2013

Jason-1 Satellite Decommissioning (see dorismail 886)
Contact was lost with the Jason-1 spacecraft on 21 June 2013. All attempts to re-establish communications were unsuccessful. Jason-1 was passivated and decommissioned on 01 July 2013; terminating the Jason-1 mission after 11.5 years of operations. The Jason-1 science data mission ended on 21 June 2013.

DORIS - June 2013

The satellite Spot4 will be de-orbited from June 24th 2013. The dissemination of DORIS data will stop at the same time (see dorismail 881)

DORIS - April 2013

Local tie file updated (see dorismail 872). Also reachable through the Documents page (section "Stations")

DORIS - March 2013

Station renovation at Jiufeng (see dorismail 870)

Station renovation at Mahe (see dorismail 867)

DORIS - February 2013

Station renovation at Port Moresby (see dorismail 865)

SARAL in orbit (see dorismail 864).

The Indo-French satellite SARAL was successfully launched on February 25th, 2013 at 12:36 UTC by the India's launcher PSLV.

Station renovation at Tristan da Cunha (see dorismail 862)

DORIS - January 2013

End of mission SPOT-4, new mission Take-5 (see dorismail 858).
SPOT4 trade mission is completed since January 11th 2013 (...) Before bowing out final in June, the  satellite will be used to prepare the future with the new experimental mission "Take-5". It will be placed on a new orbit (2.5 km under the current one) to prepare image processing chains of the future mission  Sentinel-2 (GMES project) (...) The experiment ends in late May,  then, SPOT-4 will be de-orbited in June and  DORIS will be switched off.

DORIS - September 2012

Local tie file updated (see dorismail 844). Also reachable through the Documents page (section "Stations")

Station renovation at Futuna (see dorismail 843)

DORIS - July 2012

Station renovation at Metsahovi (see dorismail 835)

Redelivery of some DORIS DATA files in RINEX format for the 2 missions JASON2 and CRYOSAT-2 (see dorismail 834). The history of events impacting the data can be found here

DORIS - June 2012

DORIS session at AGU Fall meeting 2012 (see also dorismail 827)

DORIS - May 2012

Antenna change and raising at Greenbelt (see dorismails 825 and 831 -erratum-)

ESA declares end of mission for Envisat (or see dorismail 820)

Status of Jason-1 and Operations in the Geodetic Orbit (see dorismail 818)

Antenna change at Rio Grande (see dorismail 812)

Spot-5 celebrates 10 years in orbit

DORIS - March 2012

DORIS HY-2A data available at IDS Data Centers (see dorismail 800)

Envisat celebrates its 10th birthday

DORIS - December 2011

DORIS - September 2011

Jason-1 depletion manoeuvers (see dorismail 774)

DORIS - August 2011

Successful launch for HY-2A (see dorismail 765).

The Chinese Haiyang-2A oceanographic satellite with DORIS onboard was successfully launched on August 15, 2011 at 22:57 UTC, from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, China. The launch was carried out by a Long March 4B (Chang Zheng-4B).

Further information on the following web sites:


Antenna change and raising at Noumea (see dorismail 768)

Antenna change at Rikitea (see dorismail 769)

DORIS - June 2011

Antenna change at Terre Adélie (see dorismail 754)

Station renovation at Kourou (see dorismail 755)

DORIS - May 2011

A new version of the DORIS internal tie file is available. It contains vectors between successive antenna locations on the same site (see dorismail 748).
Complete redelivery of Cryosat-2 and Jason-2 DORIS 1B files (DORIS 2.2 format) with corrections for Grasse and Gavdos shifted frequency beacons and for Cryosat-2 centre of mass  (see dorismail 750). The history of events impacting the data can be found here
The file of Jason-2 mass and center of mass evolution has been corrected (see dorismail 751).

DORIS - February 2011

Antenna change and raising at Rothera (dorismail 743)

The DORIS stations in Monument Peak (dorismail 728) and Fairbanks (dorismail 729) are declared closed.

DORIS - December 2010

A new DORIS station installed in Cold Bay (Alaska peninsula) (dorismail 718). It replaces Fairbanks station which has been down since July 2010 and removed on October, 7th.

DORIS - November 2010

ENVISAT orbit change: 3 pairs of in-plane maneuvers performed between October 22 and November 2, 2010.

See dorimail 714 for changes in the cycle/ arc number and length of the delivered DORIS data

DORIS - October 2010

IGN provides IDS with a new DORIS internal tie file including vectors between successive antenna locations on the same site (see dorismail 709).