2003 IDS Analysis Campaign:

"Impact of GRACE gravity field models on IDS products"

[Participations and organisation]

First gravity field models derived form the Grace mission were recently released by CSR and GFZ. This new generation of gravity field models is expected to bring better accuracy and consistency in satellite geodesy applications, particularly for low orbiting satellites, hence for the IDS products.

Taking the opportunity of the availability of these new models, the IDS organizes an Analysis Campaign to investigate the impact of these new models on the IDS products.

The requested products are as follows.

- sets of [weekly station coordinates + daily polar motion] solutions (Sinex format)
- over the three months Oct-Nov-Dec 2002, from all six satellites
- using four gravity fields: EGM96, GRIM5, GGM01 and EIGEN-GRACE01S
- with provision of the IDS product description file
- by 15 November 2003 (while accepting some late results)

The organisation will be as follows.

- The participating analysis centers provide sets of the products, together with the data analysis description,
to the IDS data centers, where they are stored in the IDS Data Centers in a special area of the file structure.
- The Analysis Coordinator and the Central Bureau will jointly perform the comparisons.
- The results of the campaign will be discussed at an Analysis Workshop to be held in the first half of 2004.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please complete the form hereunder and send it to M. Feissel-Vernier not later than 15 October 2003. The proposal leaves some flexibility to the Analysis Centers for defining their contributions. However it should be understood that useful comparisons will be possible only if the same products are gathered on a common time interval.


Analysis center:

Contact person & email address:

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[ . ] Intends to participate in the IDS-GRACE 2003 Analysis Campaign
[ . ] Does not intend to participate in the IDS-GRACE 2003 Analysis Campaign

Data to be analyzed: (mark [x] your intent)

[ . ] All satellites, Oct-Nov-Dec 2002 (three months)
[ . ] Subset of dates/satellites (please specify)

Gravity field models to be involved: (mark [x] your intent)

[ . ] EGM96
[ . ] GRIM5
[ . ] GGM01

Products to be compared: (mark [x] your intent)

[ . ] Weekly station coordinates
[ . ] Daily pole coordinates

Submission deadline: (mark [x] your intent)

[ . ] 31 October 2003
[ . ] Other (please specify)