IDS time series of station coordinates

This page gives access to data files and plots of time series of station positions provided by IDS Analysis Centers.

You may also use the interactive STCD tool to create and display graphs from these products.
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The International DORIS Service is planning to derive combinations of individual DORIS solutions in the future. However, we present only here individual solutions from the following Analysis Centers IGN/JPL, CNES/CLS and INASAN for weekly determinations. Should you need any information about those time series, don't hesitate to contact the Analysis Centers (see contacts, below).

The sets of time series available in the table below are:

ign11wd01: weekly positions derived from IGN/JPL ignwd08 sinex series, expressed in ITRF2008
stcd and plots updated every week on average (last update)
ign09wd01: weekly positions derived from IGN/JPL ignwd08 sinex series, expressed in ITRF2005
no longer updated (last update)
lca11wd02: weekly positions derived from CNES/CLS lcawd30 sinex series, expressed in ITRF2008 
stcd and plots updated regularly (last update)
ina10wd01: weekly positions derived from INASAN inawd07 sinex series, expressed in ITRF2005 
stcd and plots updated regularly (last update)
description       sinex available at the IDS Data Centers         contact: S. Kuzin

All series are given at the epoch of the measurements compared to the same reference position (no velocity removed). The Analysis Centers used their own cumulative solutions (positions and velocities of all DORIS tracking stations) to define the terrestrial reference frame. Weighted rms and linear velocities are not provided by the Analysis Centers but computed independently during this process.
Some information on the events that occured in the IDS stations is available at
The description of the STCD format will be found here.

These DORIS time series are freely available for any scientific studies as DS products.
They can be found at the CDDIS and IGN Data Centers.

For citations purposes, the following references are suggested:

IGN/JPL series
Willis, P.; Boucher, C.; Fagard, H.; Garayt, B.; Gobinddass, M.L., 2010. Contributions of the French Institut Geographique National (IGN) to the International DORIS Service, in DORIS: Scientific Applications in Geodesy and Geodynamics, P. Willis (Ed.), ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH,45(12):1470-1480, DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2009.09.019

INASAN series
Kuzin, S.P.; Tatevian, S.K.; Valeev, S.G.; Fashutdinova, V.A., 2010. Studies of the geocenter motion using 16-years of DORIS data, ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, 46(10):1292-1298, DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2010.06.038
CNES/CLS series
Soudarin, L.; Cretaux, J.F. 2006. A model of present-day tectonic plate motions from 12 years of DORIS measurements, in DORIS Special Issue, P. Willis (Ed.), JOURNAL OF GEODESY 80(8-11):609-624, DOI: 10.1007/s00190-006-0090-4

Plots are made with the Generic Mapping Tools (GMT)
Wessel, P. and W. H. F. Smith, New, improved version of the Generic Mapping Tools released, EOS Trans. AGU, 79, 579, 1998

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The DORIS stations list ign11wd01ign09wd01lca11wd02ina10wd01
Name Country Code Graph Data Graph Data Graph Data Graph Data 

(*) Previous DORIS stations not observing any longer.