IDS Workshop 
Venice 2006

IDS Workshop 2006Abstract

Analysis of DORIS stations coordinates long time series with CATREF software

Dr Jean-Jacques VALETTE(1), Dr Zuheir ALTAMIMI(2)

(1) CLS, Toulouse, France
(2) IGN/ENSG/LAREG, Champs-sur-Marne, France

Session theme: Stations coordinates


Since the International DORIS Service started operating in 2003, the processing of DORIS data has been enhancing continuously. Three scientific geodetic groups have processed the whole data set since 1993: INASAN (GIPSY software), IGN/JPL (GIPSY software), LEGOS/CLS (GINS software). Geoscience Australia (GEODYN software) processed most of the data span. They all provided monthly and/or weekly series of stations coordinates in Sinex format. NASA/GSFC also provided solutions over 2004. The Czech Geodetic Observatory of Pecny (Bernese software) and the Russian Institute of Applied Astronomy at St-Petersburg are working towards the integration of DORIS observations in two other different softwares. A good enough number of DORIS solutions performed by different approaches and tools is now available to make possible comparative analysis and to initiate solution combinations. Each of the long time series from the four above-mentioned AC’s has been processed individually with the same strategy by the Terrestrial Reference Frames (TRF) combination CATREF software developed at IGN/LAREG. We focus the analysis on the discrepancies in the TRF parameters and in the station reliability and stability.

Corresponding author:

    Dr Jean-Jacques VALETTE
    8-10 rue Hermes
    Parc Technologique du Canal
    31526 Ramonville St-Agne
    Phone: +33561394762


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