IDS Workshop 
Venice 2006

IDS Workshop 2006Abstract

Overview of the anomalies at the Kourou beacon site

Dr Philippe YAYA(1), Dr Hugues CAPDEVILLE(1), Mr Bernard FRAYSSINET(1), Dr Béatrice NHUN-FAT(1), Dr Laurent SOUDARIN(1), Dr Jean-Jacques VALETTE(1)

(1) CLS, Ramonville St-Agne, FRANCE

Session theme: System


Various studies and routine analysis have pointed out some problems of measurements resulting from Kourou DORIS beacon. These anomalies do not perturb DORIS missions but has to be understood since this station is a key element of the system as a Master beacon. The present poster presents different kinds of anomalies, in terms of on-board reception quality (losses of measurements, signal power attenuation), as well as measurement processing (elimination rate, orbit residuals). Mesurements have been analyzed in space and time (seasonal and local time effects). Links with the type of beacon, its closer environment (physical mask), and its particular atmospheric situation (troposphere, ionosphere) have been established. A comparison of DORIS and GPS positioning has also been analyzed. The studied period covers approximately one year, from October 2004 to November 2005.

Corresponding author:

    Dr Philippe YAYA
    Parc Technologique du Canal
    8-10 rue Hermès
    31520 Ramonville St-Agne
    Phone: +33 5 61 39 37 67


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