IDS Workshop 
Venice 2006

IDS Workshop 2006Abstract

New DORIS 2GXX Data and associated products

Mr Jean-Pierre GRANIER(1)


Session theme: Other topics: DORIS Data format and delivery


in a near future, the new missions Jason2, Cryosat2, AltiKA, will use the last version of DORIS instrument : DORIS 2GXX.
The new DORIS instrument 2GXX will performe and provide 3 phase measurements on the 2 frequencies 400MHz and 2 GHz.
This new DORIS telemetry will change the "raw" data. The new SALP internal file format will be presented. The Analysis Centers could use it if there is an interest for them to process more "raw" data.
This new telemetry implies also to modify the file format 1B which is delivered regularly to the users thru the CDDIS.
A proposition will be made and discuss about the evolution of the format 1B, and about the delivery delay.

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