IDS Workshop 
Venice 2006

IDS Workshop 2006Abstract

Evolution of the different processing steps impacting the Doris 1B Products

Mr Flavien MERCIER(1), Mrs Sabine HOURY(1), Mrs Adele GUITART(1), Mr Luca CERRI(1), Mr Patrick BROCA(1), Mr Christophe FERRIER(1)

(1) CNES, Toulouse, France

Session theme: POD


Evolution of the different processing steps leading to the Doris 1B products - Flavien Mercier, CNES POD Team - Sabine Houry, Patrick Broca, Luca Cerri, Adele Guitart, Christophe Ferrier.

In the past years, many changes and improvements have been performed in the processing of Doris measurements, leading to evolutions of the IDS users data.

For example, a specific preprocessing has been developped to have no important rejection of Jason SAA measurements, which were not erroneous, but seem to be erroneous due to on board oscillator behaviour. This preprocessing is now applied on Envisat and Jason, leading to an augmentation of the number of validated measurements.

Some other evolution requests (for example the improvement of Ionospheric correction, or the SAA modelisation for Jason1) are not yet available, but can be implemented in a near future.

Other specificities have been implemented, like the elimination of zero Doppler measurements, or corrections in the applied datation biases, which were observed by systematic processing of SLR residuals on Doris only orbits.

The different characteristics of these processing are described, and also the corresponding evolutions which may be observed in the validated data.

Corresponding author:

    Mr Flavien MERCIER
    CNES, Orbit Determination
    18 Avenue E. Belin
    31401 Toulouse Cedex 9
    Phone: 05 61 27 44 13


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