IDS Workshop 
Venice 2006

IDS Workshop 2006Abstract

Doris solutions using phase measurements, application on Spot5 data

Mr Flavien MERCIER(1), Mr Denis LAURICHESSE(1), Mr Patrick BROCA(1)

(1) CNES, Toulouse, France

Session theme: POD


The new Doris instruments will provide a phase measurement counted over each pass, in adition to the standard Doris ones. This allows a different formulation of the orbit determination problem, by using these phase measurements and adjusting an ambiguity for each pass.

The advantages and drawback of this approach are discussed, using various models for measurements and clock errors.

The recent Doris instruments (Spot5, Jason) allow the construction of the phase when the acquisition is performed in chained mode. This process has been applied on the Spot5 case. The datation measurements have also been processed in order to have a pseudo-range for the on board clock determination.

A solution using combined pseudo-range and phase has been tested, and some properties and limitations of this kind of solution are explained.

Corresponding author:

    Mr Flavien MERCIER
    CNES, Orbit Determination
    19 Avenue E Belin
    31401 Toulouse Cedex 9
    Phone: 05 61 27 44 13


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