IDS Workshop 
Venice 2006

IDS Workshop 2006Abstract

DORIS System Improvements

Mr Albert AURIOL(1), Mr Christian JAYLES(1)

(1) CNES, Toulouse, France

Session theme: System


To maintain the DORIS System (Doppler Orbitography and Radio positioning Integrated by satellite) at the top level of performance on an operational basis is a daily challenge. Accepting this Challenge involves permanent improvements in the system and its components.
New “DORIS” Satellites planed to fly from 2008-2009 will be listed and new features of the on board instruments will be presented.
The DORIS Stations Network is also continuously improved with the deployment of third generation beacons, better stability of antenna supports and increase of number of Master and Time Beacons.
Furthermore, the “DORIS Integrity Team” is now monitoring permanently the DORIS signal transmitted in Space.
Some processing recommendations driven by instrument particular features will also be given.

Corresponding author:

    Mr Albert AURIOL
    CNES, 31
    18 av. E. Belin
    31400 Toulouse
    Phone: 33591274052


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