IDS Workshop 
Venice 2006

IDS Workshop 2006Abstract

Current status of the South Atlantic Anomaly corrective model for Jason-1 DORIS Doppler data

Mr Jean-Michel LEMOINE(1), Dr Hugues CAPDEVILLE(2), Dr Pierre SENGENES(3)

(1) CNES/GRGS, Toulouse, France
(2) CLS, Toulouse, France
(3) CNES, Toulouse, France

Session theme: POD


A corrective model for Jason-1 DORIS Doppler data related to the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) has been under development at CNES since September 2003. The frequency of the onboard DORIS Ultra-Stable Oscillators (USO) of Jason-1 are perturbed by the crossing of the SAA, where they encounter a great density of high energy protons. A model for the first DORIS USO of Jason-1, the "redundant" one, covering the period from launch in December 2001 until June 2004, was finalized in December 2004. On June 25, 2004, Jason-1 DORIS receiver was switched from its "redundant" to its "nominal" oscillator. In this presentation
we will describe the model that has been elaborated for the second DORIS USO of Jason-1 in use since June 2004 until the present day. The actions undertaken in preparation of Jason-2 on the DORIS instruments to avoid a repetition of the problems of Jason-1 will also be presented.

Corresponding author:

    Mr Jean-Michel LEMOINE
    18, avenue Edouard Belin
    31401 Toulouse cedex 4
    Phone: 33-(0)5-61-33-29-73


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