2002 IDS Analysis Campaign

The IDS Central Bureau initiated in November 2001 an Analysis Campaign that originally focused only on sets of station coordinates derived from the June 2001 observations of the Spot2, Spot4 and Topex/Poseidon satellites.

Responses were received from six Analysis Centers, while three other expressed interest to participate at a later time. The content of the responses was larger than expected, in several ways: the data span covers several years, as compared to the single month requested, and the products span not only sets of stations coordinates, but also times series of the Earth's orientation parameters and of the geocenter location and orbits.

The collected results and the description of the analysis strategies (IGN-JPL, INASAN, LEGOS-CLS) are available.

A first analysis of the campaign results obtained by the IDS Central Bureau was presented at the 2002 IDS Workshop.

An Analysis Workshop was organized in February 2003 to further discuss these results and prepare the definition of the future IDS products.

The final report is available.