From Mon Jun 03 12:39:29 2002
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 11:24:20 +0200
From: Daniela Thaller

Subject: SINEX Version 2.00

Dear colleagues,

after an intensive discussion about our proposed new format definition
of SINEX, the final version SINEX 2.00 is available now. The detailed
format description, a summary of the changes from version 1.00 to 2.00
and a summary of the important least squares adjustment formulas with
their connection to the individual SINEX blocks are accessible via the
web site of the IERS Analysis Coordination

or via our ftp server

A new  format definition became necessary because different
implementations of SINEX (originally for IGS purposes) existed from the
ILRS and the IVS, and for the combination activities starting soon
within the IERS (by the Combination Research Centres) a unique format
definition for all space geodetic techniques is needed. All
implementations were merged with the SINEX version 1.00 and were
discussed intensively. We want to thank all people who were contributing
to this discussion, especially the IGS Reference Frame Working Group
chaired by Remi Ferland, the ILRS Analysis Coordinator Ron Noomen and
the ILRS Analysis Working Group, the IVS Analysis Coordinator Axel
Nothnagel and Zuheir Altamimi from the ITRF section of IGN. With their
contributions and advice we created a SINEX format definition that is
hopefully accepted by all Analysis Centres of each space geodetic

With best regards,
Daniela Thaller,
Markus Rothacher
(IERS Analysis Coordination)

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