Analysis coordination

Analysis coordination team: 

Hugues CAPDEVILLE (CLS) and Jean-Michel LEMOINE (CNES)

contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Former Analysis Coordinators:

service 2006-2014
 Martine FEISSEL-VERNIER (IGN Observatoire de Paris) service 2003-2005


See the reports of the Analysis Coordination



Organization of the service and documents, access to the data and products, event announcements, contacts and links.


DORIS System

Allows to access general description of the system, and gives information about the system events and the tracking network.


Analysis Coordination

Provides information and discussion areas about the analysis strategies and models used in the IDS products. It includes also the information about the Combination Center activities.


Web service

Gives access to DOR-O-T, the IDS Web service, that proposes a family of plot tools to visualize time series of DORIS-related products and a network viewer to select sites.

Acknowledge IDS

Whenever you use IDS data, products, or results in a publication, please include a proper citation.


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What's new on IDS

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